6 Timeless Marketing Strategies

6 Timeless Marketing Strategies

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Influencers, email marketing, SEO, and social media seem to be the kings of digital marketing. Are there any tried-and-true marketing strategies? Yes, there are a few “old school” marketing strategies that still work. Let’s look at six tried-and-true marketing strategies that still work today.

  • Build relationships by networking
  • Real-Time Facetime with Your Fans
  • Freebies and/or discounts
  • Mail Still Works!
  • Radio Commercial
  • Feedback and Reviews
  1. Build relationships by networking

Networking, whether online or in person, is vital today. Any marketing professional or business owner needs to be a good networker. Networking effectively creates referrals and leads, keeps clients loyal, and builds a great reputation among colleagues and customers.

Attending local conferences is a terrific opportunity to meet other professionals in your field and connect with local businesses and clients. Attending national networking events or conferences can also help you grow your network throughout the country and meet potential clients and professionals who may be interested in partnering with your business or brand.

  1. Real-Time Facetime with Your Fans

No, not FaceTime with screens. Facetime with clients collaborators and partners is till required t o do business. Curating contact possibilities strengthens regional circular links, which strengthens local economies.

Face-to-face time with clients or business partners allows you to pick up on things that emails or audio calls typically miss, such facial expressions, body language, and other social cues. This can assist develop trust and partnerships, leading to business chances.

  1. Freebies and/or discounts

Free things is nice. That’s it. This is a marketing strategy that will not be phased out soon since it works. Freebies and discounts encourage your target audience to interact with your brand, engage with your content, and sample your items.

It also provides wonderful free advertising. With a contest or free giveaway, you may encourage participants to share the contest on social media, follow your brand, and tag others to help spread the word, extending your reach and engaging your target audience. We all win.

  1. Mail Still Works!

You’d be mistaken to believe paper mail is dead. Everyone loves mail, it turns out. Even for younger generations, direct mail is a terrific approach to reach out with the correct reason. Direct mail has many advantages. Direct mail programs outperform paid advertising operations in terms of ROI.

Reaching your target audience at the correct time is achievable. You can track the success of direct mail initiatives by using online sales or QR codes, or by combining them with digital marketing campaigns.

  1. Radio Commercial

Audio is making a big comeback, so don’t ignore it! Listen to what NisonCo founder and CEO Evan Nison had to say about radio advertising in Forbes:

The comeback of radio-based advertising is clear. These mediums can reach national and global audiences. Radio commercials can target certain geographic areas and demographics.

For businesses with a physical location, radio advertising is the most cost-effective and exciting alternative. If you want to be found in the digital era, consider optimizing your local SEO performance.

  1. Feedback and Reviews

Lesser-known techniques for persuading people to buy or engage with a brand include: Because consumers trust feedback from their peers, testimonials give both legitimacy and accountability for brands and enterprises. Clients can offer good feedback or draw attention to issues that can help to improve the brand or business. Bringing them into the modern era by responding on social media and bad reviews will help your local SEO plan so your site will rank higher on search engine results pages.

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