Email Separator Online

Email Separator Online

What is Email Separator Online

Email Separator Online is a smart web tool designed to professionally sort and separate mixed email lists by their server domains. An example; is when you have a mix list or a mixture of and list, and wish to separate gmail emails from yahoo emails, the use of an Email Separator comes in place, it helps in carrying out email separation task automatically in just a few clicks. The Email Separator is also known as Email Splitter or Email Separator Tool.

Features of Email Separator Online

The features of an email separator include:

1. Duo Separator Interface: The Email Separator Tool has two separate interface such as input and output. The input interface is a text box where emails are pasted, while the output interface is a text box where separated emails are populated for use.

2. Separator Option/Selection: The separator selector provides the option to separate your emails using Comma, New Line, Colon or Pipeline. You can also add custom separator character as preferred.

3.  Email Grouping: This feature allows you to arrange your emails in groups. For instance if you have 1,000 emails, you can group them in bits of 200 per selection or 500 per selection as preferred.

4. Sort Alphabetically: This is a radio feature which allows you to sort your email list alphabetically before use. This will automatically arrange your emails in alphabetical order, useful for certain email sorting and identification.

5. Extract Button:  The extract button allows you to take the single action of extraction without splitting the list.

6. Split Button: This is the button that allows you to split the emails from the input box into the output box.

7. Email Count: The email count offers statistics about the total separated and sorted email list available on the output box

8. Highlight: This feature allows you to automatically highlight all separated email addresses.

9. Copy: This allows you to copy the email list after highlighting.

10. Reset: This allows you to reset the text area to the blank default for a new email entry or new email separation process.  

Email Marketing Software Solutions (Best Free)

1. Mautic:

Mautic is an email marketing software that specifically aim at small to medium-sized businesses. It has a wide range of different features that automate almost all the advanced functions and also enable seamless functioning.

The response system and the task management systems are 100% automated. All of the Mautic’s searches can be automated also and can be tracked for convenience. The solution is integrated across almost all of the major platforms and is even seen to be really mobile-friendly, making it to be extremely convenient for people.


2. OpenEMM:

The OpenEMM is now a part of the AGNITAS, it is a simple, customizable email management system. Its UI is very fluid and it is also user-friendly. It has got a great bounce management system, which can help you to keep errors minimal. The Email and the link tracking help your team to keep track of regular responses and also alerts from your subscribers.

The OpenEMM can import and can export data and manage a huge database regarding users and the subscribers. Finally, it can also be of help to users script and personalize emails in context with the user’s needs.


3. pHpList:

The pHpList is an email marketing software tool that gives permission for seamless integration over a broad range of platforms. It is very scalable and it can also be used by businesses of any size at all.

Its response and the alert systems are automated, making this product really time saving. It has a subscriber management system that helps you to sort, adapt, and to respond to your subscribers according to their activity. pHplist is fully integrated with the Google Analytics, keeping you in the loop with the overall daily activity.


4. SendBlaster:

The SendBlaster is an extremely customizable email marketing software tool. The dashboard, the regular activities, and the actions of the software can be personalized according to the way that the user needs it. The layout and the templates of emails can be edited also and it can be framed to your team’s needs.

The SendBlaster has a massive database of different templates that are categorized according to the events, the responses, and the subscribers. It also has a very convenient campaign management system. This will be of help to you in planning scheduled email and ad campaigns when they are needed.


5. ListMessenger:

List Messanger may be one of the most simple and more accessible email marketing tools that is out there, but it being simple does not make it become devoid of an array of features. It has got a completely automated subscriber management system.

The ListMessenger has a very vast message archive system, which makes it pretty easy for you to manage similar responses and alerts. The Subscriber history enables the tracking of vital information and also it helps to manage messages and campaigns accordingly.

6. Email Extractor and Email Separator Online

These email softwares are freewares available online for extracting and separating a mix list of email addresses before sending out email messages in order to avoid sending messages to an invalid or dead list. Sending messages to invalid list can affect your SMTP and Branding reputation.