4 Sales Prospecting Tools to Boost your Sales in 2022

4 Sales Prospecting Tools to Boost your Sales in 2022

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Prospecting tools can provide contact information and additional information. It also helps salespeople monitor and track prospects’ businesses.

Here are four sales prospecting tools for 2022:

  • Linkedln Sales Navigator
  • RevDriver Chrome Extension
  • SalesIntel
  • Mattermark

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn has 740 million users, but it also generates 80% of B2B leads.

A CRM or SEP can import contacts from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You can also enter one of your current lead lists and sort by lead news and lead shares to see who has posted that day or week.

Use the search to find and connect with your most active LinkedIn prospects. You will stand out because most of your prospects will have few likes or comments.

2. RevDriver Chrome Extension

The freemium Rev Driver Chrome plugin offers 10 free contacts per month if you’re still struggling with LinkedIn. SalesIntel provides 10 free RevDriver credits per month, with the option to purchase more. A LinkedIn profile can provide accurate human-verified contact information.

Also, when using RevDriver to search the web, you get reliable company and contact information. While browsing, you can easily collect data about people and organizations from RevDriver:

  • Linkedin Profiles
  • Twitter and Facebook
  • Company contact and account pages
  • Crunchbase profiles
  • Product review pages
  • And anywhere else you go to research people or businesses

RevDriver scans websites for company and contact information. The extension then shares website-specific data from SalesIntel’s human-verified database. Along with email addresses, you get direct-dial phone numbers, business technographic and firmographic data, buyer intent data, and more.

3. SalesIntel

Your subscription includes full access to SalesIntel’s database of 95 percent human-verified contacts, including millions of mobile numbers.

SalesIntel provides more than just email and phone numbers. And data enrichment is critical.

By focusing on prospects who are more likely to buy, intent data can help you narrow down the huge list of contacts. Intent signals include fundraising, events, and online material interest. You can fine-tune your message based on the signals.

Depending on your product, tech usage data may be useful. For example, after purchasing software, you can target companies that need similar tools.

4. Mattermark

Mattermark is exclusively for salespeople. You can sort their list of companies by region, size, industry, business model, and even amount raised.

Syncing over 80 useful variables helps warm prospects and power discussions from first contact to deal closure.

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