How to Create a Product Page on LinkedIn

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Are you prepared to discover how to generate leads on LinkedIn via Product Pages? The following are the steps:

  1. Create a Product Page

Product Page

To begin, navigate to your company’s super admin or content admin view. To begin, click the Products tab, followed by the “Add product” button. LinkedIn’s feature for creating product pages enables you to list up to 35 distinct offerings.

  1. Type in and save the product’s name

It’s as straightforward as it sounds. However, ensure that you enter the correct product name, as you cannot edit it after clicking Save. You or your LinkedIn marketing agency will need to obtain permission from LinkedIn to modify it.

What is the significance of a name? It not only informs your audience about what to expect, but also serves as your community hashtag, which helps increase the number of high-quality LinkedIn leads you receive.

Adding Product Name

After you’ve saved your product name, you’ll be taken to the Product Page, where you can click on any Edit (pencil) icon to begin adding/editing your product details. Nota bene: After editing, always click Save.

  1. Customize Your Header

Take note that in response to previous feedback on Product Pages, LinkedIn has pre-populated details such as the Product Name and Category with information from your website and LinkedIn company page.

If you’re just getting started, upload a logo and select the appropriate product category. The logo should be scaled 1:1. (a square image).

Following that, choose a CTA name. Include a link to the call-to-action landing page. Ascertain that the landing page is accurate and corresponds to the CTA name you select; for example, Request demo should direct visitors to a landing page that displays or allows for signups for a product demo.

Because the LinkedIn create Product Page features are intended to collect leads, you must also include a link to your Privacy Statement to ensure the collection of personal data is safe and secure.

Call To Action

  1. Then Showcase Your Product

It’s now time to populate the majority of the LinkedIn product showcase page. Enter a description of your product and the URL to your website. To create the best LinkedIn Product Page, you must write a description that is between one and two paragraphs in length and adheres to the 500-character limit. Inform your target audience about the function of the product and how it can benefit them. Any reputable LinkedIn marketing company will advise you to optimize this section in order to generate high-quality LinkedIn leads.

Product Overview

Without visual assets, a LinkedIn company product page will be incomplete. LinkedIn recommends a maximum of five images and videos for lead generation (combined). Utilize TOFU videos, such as product demonstrations, and MOFU videos, such as customer testimonials, on each of the LinkedIn-approved Product Pages.

Product Media

Another LinkedIn product showcase page strategy that generates B2B sales leads is to mention companies that use your products – with their permission, of course. Utilize their names and logos only with their prior consent. When you have the all-clear, make a list of at least seven, attempting to diversify industries and company sizes.

Customers Section

  1. Request Review of Your LinkedIn Company Product Page

By following the steps above, you can create multiple Product Pages. After you’ve completed them, you can submit them to LinkedIn for review, which may take up to two weeks. Then, once the listing is approved, you can expect to wait another 1-2 days before viewing it.

  1. Make Your LinkedIn Product Showcase Page Public

When the Products tab is viewed, you’ll know your Product Pages are live.

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