How To Create a Landing Page

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Are you maximizing the SEO benefits of your landing page for your business? Utilize the power of landing pages as lead generation and conversion machines by following these landing page tips from web design experts:

  • Know Your Market
  • Set Goals
  • Design Your Landing Page
  • Optimize and A/B Test

1. You Need to Know Your Market

It’s all about audience segmentation. To maximize landing page conversion rates, you must first identify your target demographic, then research their information needs, online habits, and preferences for landing page SEO content, calls to action, and landing page design.

Don’t have the resources to analyze your audience? Professional content writers who specialize in landing page optimization can help you create your buyer persona and develop an SEO strategy that meets your target audience’s needs.

2. You Must Then Set Goals

What are your conversion goals for your landing page? Having a specific objective in mind for each landing page is critical for achieving the highest possible conversion rates.

A Wishpond study found that landing pages with multiple offers reduce conversion rates by up to 266%. Your landing pages must undoubtedly have a clear focus to effectively guide visitors towards a goal.

3. Design Your Landing Page

The platform you use to build your landing page impacts its quality and CRO. These software programs help web designers create custom landing pages with images, forms, and funnels.

A/B testing capabilities and a suite of landing page templates are built-in to landing page builders.

Landing page creation is also promoted by several WordPress website design and digital marketing agencies. Simple, adaptable, secure and affordable CMS platforms are available.

4. Optimize and A/B Test

Because a landing page’s purpose is to support CRO efforts, it must be properly designed and structured to maximize its impact and deliver meaningful results.

These processes help you meet user expectations, tell your story, and improve conversions month after month (MoM). According to an Invesp study, 60% of businesses believe A/B testing is highly effective in increasing conversions.

Top landing page components to test and optimize include:

  • Title
  • SEO landing page text
  • Photos & videos
  • Action calls

Tips for Landing Pages

  • Ensure your company name and logo are consistent throughout the landing page.
  • Use clear calls to action (i.e., sign up here, book an appointment online, schedule a meeting, contact us, etc.)
  • Place your contact information (phone, email, and location, if applicable) strategically on the page so leads can easily contact you.
  • Use testimonials to establish social proof and show real people’s positive experiences with your company.
  • Avoid “busy” or distracting images and design elements.
  • Ensure your landing page is easy to navigate, has readable fonts, and looks good overall.
  • Make contacting your company as simple as possible with short forms and clicks.

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