Why You Should Make Content Marketing the Foundation of Your Marketing Strategy

Why You Should Make Content Marketing the Foundation of Your Marketing Strategy

Not a single day goes by without my speaking to an early-stage entrepreneur that wants to engage in a discussion about marketing and how to get quick results. So let us just get this out of the way straight from the beginning: Marketing really takes time.

There are some specific tactics that you can make use of that will generate a return on investment (ROI) in the relatively short term, but for you to achieve the real long-lasting results takes time. Put simply, anything that you achieve in the short term will go down as fast as it came up. Do you want to start playing the long game? This is true even if you are tempted to try some of the things that are less organic but might look so good on the surface, such as the buying likes or the followers. Please do not do that.

Instead, here are some reasons why you should start to generate content on your own company blog as soon as you can:

The Search engine optimization (SEO) is very much a thing
I know that the social media gets all the hype in this recent days and no one is really talking about the search anymore, but they are wrong not to talk about it. Just a quick glance at the numbers will show you that the search drives just as much traffic as the social media does, at least for the time being.

Once you are sold on the importance of the search, now the question is how are you going to leverage it. I am obviously oversimplifying here, but the more incoming links you have to your site, the better. How are you going to get people to link to you? Well, some of the SEO experts would tell you to just buy links. I will say listen to Google and then produce good content that people will want to talk about and link to.

Getting social on social media
Let us break down what the social media means. The “media” part is pretty obvious, but what about the “social” part? Are you engaging with the people like you do when you are offline or are you just making use of the Twitter as a glorified RSS feed or sales platform?

I once heard a speech from the guy who has invented the “Like” button at the Facebook. He explained that what he wanted was to give people the ability to express their appreciation for someone else’s content. What did it do later? We ruined it all by begging for likes.

How about instead of you asking me to follow you, giving me a good reason for me to click “Like” or “Follow”? What is the best reason to get somebody to do that? You will need to fill your feed with quality content, either yours or someone else’s, and that is how you increase your numbers across the social media.

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