Email Practices with HTML

Email Practices with HTML

In the SendPulse, you can select any email template structure that you wish and it will look perfect across all the devices. Choose a pre-designed template or you can create your own one from scratch and then drag the necessary layout to your email.

You can checkout the emails with a single column layout. It is easy to scan, the CTAs are logically placed and are also quite visible.

Email with a single-column layout


Craft responsive emails templates
That will ensure your emails look good and well even on the smallest screen resolutions. There is no need for to start bothering yourself to know the HTML and start doing some old school by coding emails on your own. With the SendPulse email service, the marketers have a big choice of pre-designed email templates that will look stunning on any device and any screen. Apart from that, one can make use of the flexible and free drag and drop editor and customize the templates to fit their company colors and their logos. They will be very responsive as well.

Responsive HTML email templates

Be sure to utilize email safe fonts like:
The Arial, the Arial Black, the Comic Sans MS, the Courier New, the Georgia, the Impact, the Times New Roman, the Trebuchet MS, the Verdana, and the Webdings are some of the universally supported fonts that marketers can use for their HTML emails. Regarding the size, be sure to make use of 13px-14px for texts and 20px-22px for the titles.

Take note of how this email uses different fonts and the font sizes for the texts and headings.

Email safe fonts


Customize a preheader

Very often, the email marketers underestimate the power of a preheader and they just stay far away from using its benefits. The preheader significantly influences the email open rates by providing them with valuable information on the message inside. Besides, it may also develop your subject line for better performance. SendPulse users do not need any technical skills at all to create a preheader. After you finish designing an email template, you can then customize the preheader and preview it by simply clicking on the loop or just sending a test email to make sure everything’s fine.

Customize email preheader

Make it highly informative so that it can provide subscribers with a better idea of your email content. You can make more research on how to customize an email preheader in the SendPulse.

Look at how the Dermstore take an email preheader to their advantage. They make use of it to motivate users to buy by offering a freebie.

Email preheader

Be careful with the tables, the background color, and the white space.

Even though many of the email clients support the padding and the margins, the results are always inconsistent. If the spacing is essential, then the developer can then nest tables inside their main tables instead.

As regarding the background color, it is essential to have a wrapping table all around every sides of the content. Setting the background color attribute on the content will ensure that the email clients do not do away with the background that is on the tag or whatever is set on the style sheet of the developer.

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