Using The Email HTML

In theory, all of the whitespace in the HTML files ought to be ignored. However, in practice, it can cause various types of issues, especially if you see a whitespace in between the table cells. As such, it is very essential to eliminate any spaces that is in between the closing tag of one cell and the opening tag of therefore next cell to remove layout problem and any unpleasant gaps.

You can check out the way the National Geographic makes use of the black background color. It elaborates that particular space topic making an email a mysterious piece of art. In addition, the brand has really taken special care of the text color for the sake of the contrast.

Email background color


Use images properly

Given that the images are the heaviest objects in the HTML emails, making use of them a lot can lead to a slow loading time that causes businesses to lose their readers. So, instead, it is advised and imperative to make use of the smaller and more responsive images. This way, the marketers will actually save their audience some bandwidth also. That said, be sure to make use of twice as large images to ensure that you provide users with the high-resolution displays (e.g., The Super AMOLED or the Retina) with pictures of excellent quality.

It is also essential for the marketers not to start assuming that all the images will be displayed. Some email clients show images, while others do not show images. You should get prepared for such situations by simply including the Alt Tags. This way, in case an image has failed to display, the alternative text will describe it. Last but not least, never send only images.

You can make some research on a great example of how the MAC Cosmetics utilizes images. They make use the small GIFs to demonstrate their new lipsticks.


Include noticeable buttons

Emails marketers should also provide large buttons in their HTML emails so that it will make it easy for the readers to tap them. A CTA of at least 40px by 40px will make it much easier for the reader to easily interact with the email. It is also important for you to avoid cluttering the hyperlinks as this might just cause some trouble when they are tapping them. Preferably, you should put buttons in place of hyperlinks. Marketers can also see the need to provide a “tap to call” button if they want their subscribers to dial a phone number.

Although the red color is considered to be the best choice for a CTA, it is not a must though. What really matters is mainly the overall email design. Make sure that there is enough white space around your call to action area and the email colors are compatible. Let your buttons contrast together with the whole email become really eye-grabbing.

Although the MAC Cosmetics are the true minimalists, their email CTAs are very eye-catchy due to the classic black and white combination they used.

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