Open Source Email Marketing Software Solutions

The Email marketing software solutions are simply applications that allows you to plan, to execute, and to also monitor the email marketing campaigns. They most times come with the email builders, the email scheduling features, and the campaign automation tools that can help you streamline operations. Moreover, they make provision for marketers reporting and analytics that will allow them to measure the key metrics and fine-tune their strategy.

The Solutions Review that was made has provided this list of the best open-source email marketing software solutions available, they are chosen for accessibility and feature listings.

A huge amount of the modern day marketing is done primarily or done entirely through email communications. Many businesses also depend on the reliable automation and the consistency from the best open source email marketing software solutions to help them succeed. These tools also give businesses the opportunity to keep on top of the needs of the current marketing climate, with the customization and the approachability needed to really make the experience personalized and make it unique for their clientele.

Solutions Review also has provided this list of some of the best open source email marketing software solutions on our today’s market. These solutions were been selected by accessibility, by customization, and the features. The chosen software choices can be applied to a wide variety of different businesses as a result. All options have been listed below for you.

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We have listed below just two among the rest of the Best Free And Open-Source Email Marketing Software Solutions that are available.



The GNU Mailman: it serves as a very convenient starter software that is good for the email marketing automation. Although it is seen that the UI is the very basic, but its feature list is not basic at all. The GNU Mailman subscriber management system enables its users to automate and to also schedule responses and emails to their subscribers just according to the needs of their businesses’ are or according what they prefer. The bounce management feature is one of the features that helps in avoiding the delivery and all the response issues. The GNU Mailman has a pretty large message archive system as well. Lastly, the GNU Mailman is integrated alongside with the Google Analytics, which gives you the help for you to keep track of responses and issues daily.



The MailChimp: The MailChimp is an advanced email marketing software solution that is appreciated and is pretty good for businesses of all sizes. It is extremely customizable, and the dashboard can be personalized also according to the “how and the why of the user’s needs.

The response and the alert systems of the MailChimp are automated, with which the MailChimp begins to send bulk responses to comparable sets of subscribers. Its ad management feature also enables different advertising over the various platform mainly to be noted are for both the Google and the Facebook respectively. MailChimp is basically integrated with the Google Analytics which provides you help in tracking responses and the subscribers daily.

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