Nice Email Design Trends To Checkout

1. Inclusion of APNG Designs

The GIFs have for a long while now been a part of email designs. The GIFs make the emails more interactive and more interesting for users. They have been trending and they will continue to be a trending in time to come as well. However, the animations will have to see a new phase in the coming year with the APNG images.

From the conventional GIF images, the animations also will move towards the high – resolution images with this trend.

Generally, the GIFs tend to support about 8 bit non-transparent images. However, with the APNG format, you will get the 8 bit alpha transparency and you’ll get the 24 bit colors.

You can check for the images of APNG and GIF images to understand the drastic difference between APNG and GIF images.


2. Dynamic Personalization for Better Engagement


Personalization of emails is a huge necessity for you, if you want to engage the users and you want to ensure a good open and click-through rate. Dynamic personalization of the content is important it is a step further than remarkably improves the experience of the users.

With this, you can be able to embed live Twitter or on any of the other social media feed, include a timer, and then get it updated in real-time. The user’s excitement level and their interest also in the email will go up as a result, which eventually will impact the open rate and the click-through rates for your emails.


3. Add Speed with AMP

It is now time to make the users complete the action that is in the email itself. Not so many people have got the patience to go to the landing page, to complete the process there, and then move ahead.

The process is not just only long but also it involves a lot of clicks. If you could just speed up the process, it will of a certain make the experience better.

You can also add the AMP in an email to make this dream a reality in your next phase of emailing. You can get your users to fill out a form, to purchase a product or even to complete a booking with this technology.

You can take a look at the examples in which has allowed the user to view the deals and then have a look at the hotel rooms from the email itself.

AMP currently is being supported by Gmail for Desktop and the Gmail App for Android and iOS. Other of the email clients are likely to extend support for this new interactive technology in the nearest future to come.


4. Move Beyond Conventional Layout

The conventional layout includes the header image, the hero image, the product description, and the other elements. However, all the emails are looking similar as a result of this practice, and there still remains no difference between the emails sent from different brands. This has resulted in a drastic reduction of conversion rate for the users.

The next phase will see email marketers reducing the usage of the column layouts and improving the email design by simply breaking free from the grids. You do not have to necessarily add all the elements. You can make use of the necessary elements only and do away with the unnecessary columns in the layout, thus refining the experience.

You can check for examples of broken grids layout by

Wrap Up

The Email design keeps evolving to match the new era and the needs of the subscriber. If your email is designed in such way that it keeping the customer in mind, it will help engage better and improves the conversion rate.

You can decide on which trend according to you that will help you capture maximum attention from the subscribers, and still which trend will not work at all for you? Also, you can still check if you have used these elements in the past to attract subscribers and to convert them.

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