Email Design Trends To View

Now it is time for us to start analyzing the email design tricks that worked in the years past and also the trends that we are expecting to see in the time coming. For us to cut through the noise in your subscriber’s inbox, you will need to stay in the know with all the top email design trends that will make it to the next phase of time.

Here, we have curated for you a few trends that we believe have to be part of the email that you will be sending in the next phase of time for better conversions.


1. The Design for the Dark Mode

This new devices and the operating systems that is beaming have implemented the dark mode. As the name suggests, so it is, it flips the colors to make it more effective for your night reading. Those people that have the habit of viewing their phones in the dark can simply spare their eyes with the dark mode.

What is the real thing that happens in here? Simply put, there is a transformation of color, the regular black on white gets transformed into the white on black.

If the emails that you are sending are not designed for this mode, then the subscribers might not be able to start enjoy them in the dark mode, which can possibly eventually reduce the engagement.

You will have to experiment with the background colors to create an impart for a pleasant experience in the dark mode. You will have to activate the accessibility switcher in the emails so that the users can switch between the light and the dark mode easily.

The Apple Mail, the Gmail, and the Outlook have already adopted dark mode for the emails. There is more that you will see, like some of the major email clients switching to this mode.


2. Implement the Minimalist Design


When we are saying minimalism, it is where the design and the copy have minimum elements to communicate a message having greater clarity. This trend, which was quite a thing in the past, is now here to stay in this recent time as well. You will notice that the well-organized design and the content with plenty of white space will be of help to you engaging the readers and also increase your conversions.

You can take a look at the email by Harry’s that demonstrates the minimalistic design in the best way. The main purpose of the email as well as the CTA clearly stands out and to give encouragement to the reader to convert.


3. Gamification in Email Designs

The Gamification in emails works mainly on the principle of incorporating the game mechanics into the non-gaming realms so that you can be able to encourage the user to adhere and take the desired action. This trend will still be a popular trend even in the nearest future that will help to establish deeper customer loyalty and customer satisfaction with playful interaction. It will also smarten up the email campaigns, thereby bringing about higher subscriber engagement and also more visits to your website.

You can check for examples to inspire you. Fabiani has sent some very interesting riddles in their email to give a drive to subscriber engagement and make them convert.

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