How to Start Vlogging in Six Steps

Vlogging has been a huge contribution towards making many to be influential nowadays. The likes of Casey Neistat and Cesar Millan are proof of this. They started filming their ideas and experiences to build audiences of millions. Where did they begin? If you are interested in knowing, then you need to on.

Start by implementing these six steps.

1: Decide on the goal of your vlog

You are likely vlogging to gain more subscribers and build a fanbase.  Your goal could be anything, but make a decision from the onset. Having a clear goal will guide everything you do on your vlog.

2: Determine your main topic

Your topics dictate who your audience will be. You’ll draw individuals interested in marketing topics, as well as professionals, marketing managers, and enthusiasts. Determine your main topic and create content for your target audience (s).

3: Learn video editing

There are two ways on how to edit vlogs:

1. Use a video editor 2. Self-edit

If you can’t afford to hire a video editor early on, you’ll have to do it yourself.

  • Learn about video blogging editing techniques here:
  • Use attention-grabbing titles above your videos to keep attention.
  • There should be fewer transitions in each video.
  • Make your sound clear and noise-free; use Audacity to edit your sound and remove any background noise.
  • Subtitles can be a huge help for people who don’t use sound. They watch videos with the subtitles’ help.
  • Timestamps will help your audience locate relevant sections of your video.

4: Create your page on a video-sharing platform

To build an audience, you need a platform. And YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform right now. It’s good for you because of the reach it provides. Millions of people watch vloggers on YouTube because the platform is filled with 1.7 billion active users.

With over 3 billion users, Facebook is the world’s largest social network and an exceptional platform for videos. You can also use Instagram (IGTV) to put your longer videos.

You don’t have to choose one hosting platform to share your vlogs, you can use all three (if any). Despite your site’s location, it’s vital that people watch your videos, which advances to our next step.

5: Promote your vlogs

Promotion plans are needed to expose your vlogs to millions of people on YouTube and the other platforms.

Videos rarely go viral without a pre-planned content promotion strategy. Leave your video-blogging success to chance.

6: Build an email list

Why bother building an email list? One of the main reasons you’d want to build an email list is because video-sharing platforms are unstable.

At any time, the rules can be switched against you. Facebook reduced the company page reach a few years ago. Facebook pages will be devoid of many likes unless their content has strong appeal.

New policies may restrict your vlogging opportunities at any time. In order to get your own platform, you’ll need an email list.

Many people check their emails several times a day. This enables you to engage your audience when you release a new vlog. For working-class people, email checking occurs every fifteen minutes.

Getting subscribers from your vlog is almost always a good idea. Notifications of your latest vlogs are sent to their email inbox.

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