Free Email Extractor

Free Email Extractor is a tool used by email marketers to sort, filter and separate email addresses. Email Extractor should not be mistaken for Email Harvester or Email Spider. This tool will assist you in cleaning up your email list before sending out newsletter. Also known as Best Email Extractor or Bulk Email Extractor.

The Free Email Extractor uses JS technology to detect invalid email address and separate from valid emails by locating the @ character and the domain extension.

The Advantages Of Influencer Marketing Campaigns On A Proprietary Platform 

Influencer Marketing Campaigns On A Proprietary Platform directly means that your influencer marketing is being handled by a reliable influencer marketing platform or software services some of which are:- 





AspireIQ (formerly Revfluence),



InfluSoft etc.

There are numerous advantages to utilizing an influencer marketing platform. As marketing professionals struggle to demonstrate the return on investment of their marketing campaigns, having the intelligence of a proprietary platform is priceless.

Conducting an influencer marketing campaign in-house can be extremely difficult. Teams are responsible for influencer selection and management, contract administration, campaign monitoring, and reporting, among other things. Often, all of these responsibilities fall to a single ‘campaign manager’ or ‘creator partnership executive,’ and brands struggle to run a successful influencer marketing campaign with just one person.

This is where Influencer Marketing comes in the picture. For instance at, the proprietary platform provides unparalleled assistance to clients looking to succeed with social media campaigns; whether you choose a full management package or simply want a technology platform to provide critical insights, a proprietary platform is critical for your next influencer marketing campaign. 

What Constitutes A Proprietary Platform?

By enabling brands to:

Identify Authentic Content Creators

It is critical to identify the most authentic creators who are well-aligned with your audience. As a brand, locating these creators can be extremely difficult and time-consuming, but a proprietary platform can significantly simplify the process.

Verify Selected Creators

When you discover a creator through a proprietary platform, you can be certain that they have been thoroughly vetted from head to toe. Our approval process for creators is based on client-specific success metrics, as well as the creators’ previous campaign performance and content. This protects our clients by ensuring that they are working with creators who do not have a history of providing fraudulent or manipulated data. As a result, brands gain a thorough understanding of the creators with whom they collaborate and can form those critical long-term partnerships.

Ensure Brand Safety

Proprietary platform has an extensive content approval process in place to ensure the highest level of brand safety. The content is subjected to a rigorous, multi-step vetting process, with final approval by key stakeholders. This safeguards brand reputation and reduces the likelihood of errors, which is a significant benefit of utilizing this type of technology.

Maintain A Cost-effective Strategy

It’s no secret that influencer marketing can be costly. Without well-thought-out and executed campaigns, brands risk losing money and damaging their reputation. Skills such as sourcing creators, negotiating contracts, and gaining an understanding of how influencer marketing works can take years to master, and without the intelligence of a technology to guide decisions, it can be easy to make errors. These errors can be costly, and hiring the wrong content creators to create generic, thoughtless campaigns can have disastrous consequences. A proprietary platform helps to mitigate financial risks for a brand.

Gain Critical Insights

Proprietary platform also provides a 360-degree view of the content that are produced, as well as a real-time view of how each creator is performing. With data on reach, video views, engagement, and impact rate, brands can demonstrate the value of their campaigns and gain a better understanding of their marketing efforts.

Measure Success

When brands use this type of technology, they gain a more complete picture of their campaign and are able to demonstrate ROI. With the ability to track campaign success in real time, brands can also pivot their strategy and make critical strategic decisions when it matters most.