5 Technological Inventions You Can Write Essays Around

5 Technological Inventions You Can Write Essays Around

Today, in the 21st century, there are hundreds of technological inventions people see every day around them. At one time, such products came out as ground-breaking inventions. You don’t even have to go far to see such inventions as many a lot of advancements are probably at your residence.

Your cell phone, smart TVs, cable internet, and various other electronics at your house have been technological inventions. Now, using an AI assistant on your phone, you can call the Cox customer care number to help you with choosing suitable cable and internet packages. Also, the internet itself you used to get to this blog is a major technological invention.

Below are some the tech inventions:

Flatscreen Televisions

Televisions have been around for a long time now. The first television was invented in 1927, almost a hundred years ago. But the technology that transformed bulky televisions with picture tubes into the flat screens people have today is more exciting.

Do you know that a cartoon show named Jetsons predicted flatscreen televisions in the 1960s? And it took around 37 years to bring the first flat screen television to reality. The flat screen technology you see in the form of sleek monitors to tablets, smartphones and intelligent displays on smartwatches work on the same technological principles.


Recently, NASA has released high-definition images of space. But do you know that there are more than 1000 years of developments that resulted in the invention of the modern telescope? The first functional telescope was invented by Galileo Galilei in 1608.

When the technology of optics and many studies on light was done a thousand years ago by an Islamic scientist Ibn Al Haytham. He is also regarded as the inventor of the pinhole camera. It is fascinating how the works of someone from almost a thousand years ago transformed the field of space exploration. The developments at every stage by the likes of Galileo Galilei are interesting, to say the least.

Mobile Phones

A lot of people read in school about the invention of the telephone by Graham Bell in 1876. Graham Bell’s telephones worked with wired transmission over telephone lines. Today, phones work with the cellular connections emitted through telephone towers.

Handheld mobile phones were first invented by Martin Cooper from Motorola. And the first mobile to have the ability to connect to vintage telephones was DynaTAC in 1984. Today, there are dozens of mobile phone companies that roll out smarter and better cell phones every year. Now, on convenient touchscreen mobile phones, you can use AI-based assistants for different tasks. All these features and developments just took under 40 years.

If you further divide the journey of mobile phones to their current form, you can consider the first iPhone launched in 2007. Modern mobile phones have a plethora of features like high-definition cameras, bright displays, and RAM and processors that match the specifications of modern PCs. All this packed in a device that weighs under 250 grams is nothing less than fascinating.


One of the most groundbreaking inventions of mankind has to be the internet. Cellphones, PCs, ATMs, and even smart thermostats depend on the internet to function. Also, this article is reaching you because of the internet.

It is exciting how people today have access to a repository of knowledge with just a few clicks. You can get enrolled in courses, stream your favorite shows on Netflix, talk to someone thousands of miles away, and so much. The recent work-from-home trend sparked by the Covid pandemic has shown how easy this invention has made the lives of people.

Not to mention that the internet has created hundreds of thousands of jobs around the world. So, there is so much that people owe to the invention of the internet.

3D Printers

Just like flat screen television, The Jetsons also predicted the invention of 3D printers. 3D printers were actually invented back in 1984, but have found major success in the last two decades. Where the traditional printers could only print ink on a flat surface, 3D printers allow you to create 3D forms with a plastic-based material.

The applications of these printers help people in creating 3D designs and prototypes. Future developments in 3D printers may help people in creating parts of machines with sturdier alloys and metals.


There are so many exciting inventions and innovations serving people around the world. Among those inventions, flat-screen televisions, telescopes, mobile phones, the internet, and 3D printers are especially interesting. All these inventions have been serving people around the world and are opening gates to new possibilities.


 5 Technological Inventions You Can Write Essays Around