Are NFT Domains Indexed By Google?

Are NFT Domains Indexed By Google?

Are NFT Domains Indexed By Google?

Are NFT domains indexed by Google? NFT domains have become mainstream knowledge with the many success stories of thousand-dollar trades in recent years. However, NFT domains aren’t readily available like traditional domains because you’re not “renting” domains. You have complete ownership and domain authority over the NFT domain using a decentralized token that deems you as the host, publisher, and administrator.

Let’s learn more about NFT domains below.

What Are NFT Domains?

NFT domains are technically crypto wallet addresses that can run websites. These tokens will make you the domain’s authority, giving you full autonomy on its coding, appearance, and beyond. NFT domains have .crypto, .zil, .nft, .x, and .eth as domain extensions, which are the counterparts of the traditional .com, .org., and .edu traditional domains.

Benefits of NFTs

NFT domains have many advantages, as indicated below.

Decentralized Website Management

You have complete website management and administrative powers once you purchase your NFT domain. Your “rental” does not expire because you own the website name and address after you’ve stopped updating it. Once you sell the domain is the only time you don’t own rights and privileges to the website.

Big-Name Domain Profits

If you managed to hold on to a domain that has the potential to become a big-name domain later, you could sell it for a high price to the highest bidder. NFT domains provide complete autonomy to the website, and no one gets access to it until you sell the token.

Complete Domain Authority

You have complete domain authority over your website and never face any cease-and-desist order from any hosting company because you’ve violated their service terms. This is possible if you can run your website using your own host. As an alternative, you can use NFT domain cloud servers, such as Unstoppable Domains, to have sufficient storage for just a one-time fee.