How To Select The Best Recruitment Software ?

How To Select The Best Recruitment Software ?

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Recruitment is usually a tedious process that requires many steps and resources in finalizing a candidate. You may have to create a job ad, filter from hundreds of applications, and conduct dozens of interviews just to hire a candidate. All these efforts can be minimized with hiring software.

These recruitment applications are the ultimate recruitment, problem solvers. Using such software is like calling Cox customer service number to get all cable, internet, and mobile plans in one place. But in this case, instead of telling you about cable plans, a hiring application tells you about the best fit for the job.

Before you get a hiring software, it is better to go through the following departments to make a smart choice:

Cost of Software

Most hiring platforms are subscription-based. There’s a fixed amount you have to pay every month to continue using. The subscription can cost you anywhere from $50 to a few hundred dollars. Such subscriptions are more suited for big companies that hire year-round. Many recruiter applications also offer one-time payments or pay for a year upfront. Choosing such options with a service you are satisfied with can help you save significantly in the long term.

Besides subscriptions and one-time payments, some companies have an initial fee and only charge when you successfully hire an employee. The commissions or hiring fees vary on every application. You can expect to pay anywhere between $200 and above per hire. Some even charge you monthly for every successful hiring.

It is important to choose an application that suits your preference of hiring, size of business, and budget. So, it is one of the things you should see in hiring software before making a decision.

Types Hiring Software

Every recruitment assistant software has its different way of working. Usually, there are three types of recruitment software: Applicant Tracking Software, Candidate Relation Management, and Interviewing software. Every software has a different working methodology. So, it is really up to what type you prefer.

Applicant Tracking Software

Applicant tracking software is the most common hiring software that a lot of companies use. This type of software automates posting jobs and tracking interviews. Also, you can set them up to filter resumes and only allow the best fits for the jobs.

Candidate Relation Management

Candidate relation management software works differently. You do not have to build a candidate pool with this software. Instead, you can directly reach people through applications like LinkedIn and others. Automated messages sent to people help you get engagement from the candidates.

Interviewing Software

As the name clearly says, these applications are used for conducting interviews. They are especially effective when you are hiring remote employees who find it difficult to reach you. Many such applications have smart tests to further filter the top talent. You can easily conduct hiring interviews and finalize a candidate.

All-Purpose Software

Some hiring software options even offer all of the above in the same application. You do not have to pay for multiple applications and track the candidates separately. This type of software is much better than ATS, CRM, and interviewing software. But on the downside, they cost more than usual recruitment software choices.

User Reviews

Before paying for any recruiting software, it is important to check customer reviews. You can find that software on Trustpilot and see what people are talking about it. Also, you can check reviews on Google. Lastly, you can even ask your colleagues and connections on LinkedIn about their experience with different applications. Be aware of any red flags with the company of your choosing because selecting one of these services can be a long-term investment. So, the last thing you would want to do is to opt for software that does not deliver.

Discounts and Free Trials

If there aren’t any major differences among different software choices, see who is offering a better deal. You can look for discounts and free trials. A free trial can help you get the feel of the software to see if it suits you or not. And obviously, discounts can take down the overall cost of the software. So, be on the lookout for such offers and freebies of any type.


Do not just pick recruitment software, see its different aspects and then make a smart choice. See what application suits your hiring requirements and budget. Also, you can decide between the type of recruiting software. Check what people are saying about a particular service, and look for good offers and trails. This is how you can make a smarter choice in selecting recruitment software.


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