Digital Marketing Statistics You Should Track In 2022

Digital Marketing Statistics You Should Track In 2022

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It’s difficult to grasp digital marketing. Google’s search engine algorithm is updated 500-600 times a year, and new trends and consumer behavior emerge all the time. As a result, digital marketing is a dynamic subject that is always changing. In order to keep up with consumer demand and keep up with the competition, so should you as a business. Let’s take a look at some digital marketing stats that can help you grow your business.

Email Marketing

  1. There Will Be As Many As 4.4 Billion People Around The World That Will Be Using Email In 2023

Even though email has been around since the internet was invented, email is still one of the most effective marketing tools to date. Email marketing should not be overlooked, especially because it is expected that more than half of the world’s population will be actively using email by 2023.

However, this does not imply that you should continue using the same email marketing strategies you did in the past. It’s not a good idea to take a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to promoting a product.

  1. Segmented Campaigns Can Boost Revenue By Up To 76%

Emails feel more like a one-on-one discussion between businesses and their customers than other marketing methods. That is, if the job is done correctly. The answer to this conundrum is micro-segmentation. You can divide your audience into various categories depending on factors such as demographics, purchasing habits, personality qualities, and so on. Since micro-segmentation allows for more precise targeting of specific segments of your audience, it can boost conversion rates by enabling you to send out more targeted emails.

  1. ROI Can Be Increased By Up To 37% Using A/B Testing

You can’t just get your emails correct the first time. As a result, it’s imperative that you test a variety of different copy, subject lines, CTAs, and graphics to determine what works best. In order to accomplish so, you can use A/B testing. Among email marketing efforts, this is a popular testing method.

Social Media Marketing

  1. In 2022, 64% of Marketers Plan To Increase Their Investment In Short-Form Videos, Compared To 56% In 2017

Customers and marketers appear to prefer videos over other forms of content, such as photos, infographics, or plain text. Tweets with videos get ten times higher engagement, while video advertising reduce the cost-per-engagement by 50%.

Videos stand out in the user’s feeds because of their dynamic character and draw greater attention. For one thing, they’re a lot more user-friendly and allow marketers to convey more of a message with less effort.

  1. If you’ve had a Good Experience with Your Brand, 71% Of Your Customers Will Tell Their Friends and Family

Businesses and their customers can engage in a two-way communication with the help of social media. It’s important to remember that social media marketing is more than just sharing content. That’s just the beginning.

The next step is to ensure that you are continually interacting with your followers by responding to their comments, conducting polls, and encouraging them to take part in your activities through the posting of user-generated material or the holding of contests.

  1. 90% of Marketers Believe That Marketing To Influence Is Effective

Influencer marketing can return up to $18 for every dollar spent. Since influencers have a large following and are often seen as experts in their field, this is why they are more likely to succeed. On top of that, some influencers don’t charge anything in exchange for their support. You can send them a product or make a social media mention of them.

But in order to get the best results, you’ll need to work with the ideal social media stars. Therefore, look for influencers whose basic beliefs coincide with your brand’s and whose fan following is similar to your target demographic.

Search Engine Optimization

  1. More Than Half (54.4 %) of All the Web Traffic Is Generated By Mobile Devices

Google is trying to improve its search experience by putting small screens at the top of its results, given that mobile phones have become the preferred device for most consumers around the world. As a result, Google intends to make mobile-first indexing the default for all sites going forward.

  1. 41% of Adults Use Voice Search Everyday

In order to improve their search engine ranks, websites will have to be voice search-optimized. Additionally, voice searchers are often looking for immediate answers to their concerns. This means that web pages that provide succinct yet accurate answers to a specific question will be ranked higher by Google.

Content Marketing

  1. In Comparison To Traditional Marketing, Content Marketing Costs 62% Less

Content’s primary goal is to help people make better decisions by addressing their pain points and educating them along the way. As a result, content can generate more leads and increase conversions by gaining the trust of the audience.

Content is more cost-effective than advertising because of the value it provides to Google. To ensure a steady flow of traffic, your web pages will be ranked higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

  1. 70% of Customers Prefer To Learn About Products Via Content Rather Than Traditional Advertising

There’s no need to limit your content to promoting the virtues of your products or services, but that doesn’t mean they are the only focus. For the most part, you’ll want to focus on blogs that help your readers save time and money, such as how-to instructions.

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