How to Send A Shopify Abandoned Cart Email That Works

How to Send A Shopify Abandoned Cart Email That Works

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The percentage of customers who abandon their shopping carts is a telling sign of how well our online store is performing.

With an optimized process for handling abandoned shopping carts and inviting customers back to complete the purchase, conversion rates have increased.

Every online retailer’s worst nightmare is cart abandonment. After all, it’s terrible to leave money on the table when potential customers don’t convert to sales after all of your marketing efforts.

Even more astonishing: only 1 in 6 businesses (16%) sends email messages to consumers who leave without completing the transaction, urging them to return. Cart recovery emails allow you to recapture purchases and consumers who could have gone to a competitor or just forgot to complete the transaction.

  • Why Send Shopify Abandoned Cart Emails?
  • Shopify Cart Abandonment Automations: Setup and Use
  • Best Practices for Converting Shopify Abandoned Cart Emails

Why Send Shopify Abandoned Cart Emails?

One advantage of adding an automated email program is the shopping cart recovery email. Because they are generated in reaction to a customer’s behaviour and represent his or her genuine interests, these automated messages are very relevant and can yield a high ROI.

They, like other automated messages, necessitate preparation and, in some cases, interaction with other systems or data sources. The application, however, operates in the background once you’ve built and tested your messages and delivery parameters.

Shopify Cart Abandonment Automations: Setup and Use

When a customer abandons a shopping cart, the best way to address this is to automatically send an email. As a result of the automation, sales would be automatically restored.

With the use of branded and targeted emails, an email marketing solution for Shopify from a third party can greatly ease your cart recovery procedure.

Best Practices for Converting Shopify Abandoned Cart Emails

  • Most shops using cart abandonment re-marketing wait 48 to 72 hours before sending the first email. This ensures the email isn’t too early to terrify the user or too late to lose them to a competition. Differentiate dependent on how much the person opted out. More down the line, send mail sooner. This includes getting crucial user data so you know who to email about abandoned carts.
  • The subject line must be fascinating, not spammy. Customize an abandoned cart email with the user’s order details.
  • Movies Unlimited A/B-tested its abandoned cart email campaign. One mailing featured an offer, the other didn’t. Non-offer emails were read 44% of the time, whereas offer emails were read 39%. Only 16.1% of cart abandonment campaigns featured incentives, according to the Email Institute. Given the incredible success of an abandoned cart email campaign, some experts believe the offer turns off readers.
  • An abandoned cart email is distinct from a mailer, so retain a pleasant reminder tone. Since it’s a new form of mailer, most consumers won’t expect it, so don’t shout as much as remind. Telling the user to buy it before it sells out creates urgency.
  • Any brand’s cart abandonment re-marketing strategy will have errors. Each mailing must be tested. Movies Unlimited would have sent all email campaigns with offers without testing, losing 10% more reads and clicks.

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