7 Ways to Generate B2B Leads on Instagram

7 Ways to Generate B2B Leads on Instagram

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It’s no surprise that B2B companies are turning to Instagram in increasing numbers, given how popular it has become among businesses and how many brands currently utilize it for social media promotion. Here are a few ideas to generate B2B leads on Instagram.

  • Create an Instagram Bio Link
  • Add Multiple Contact Methods to Your Page
  • Promote Your B2B Business to Prospective Clients
  • Form Meaningful Relationships
  • Use Brand Advocates
  • Take Advantage of Instagram Stories
  • Use Lead-Generating Ads


  1. Create an Instagram Bio Link

About 200 million Instagram users check at least one company profile a day. However, you must be able to catch these visitors with a trustworthy bio link that people may simply click on to discover more about your business.

  1. Add Multiple Contact Methods to Your Page

What should you do now that a prospective customer has discovered your product or service? If they have any questions or concerns, they should be able to get in touch with you directly. It’s a win-win situation for both you and the Instagram users who use your product or service if you can give a variety of ways for them to get in touch with you, such as by email, phone, or instructions.

  1. Promote Your B2B Business to Prospective Clients

It’s also a good idea to simply notify your followers about your B2B Company. This is a great way to get your product or service in front of your intended audience and demonstrate its viability. The idea is to keep your audience engaged and interested, whether you make articles on product information and advantages or provide unique videos and/or tutorials. However, you should check to see whether you’re receiving likes, comments, and shares, since these are indicators that Instagram’s algorithm has seen your post.

  1. Form Meaningful Relationships

Instagram’s audience expects businesses to present themselves as real people. As a B2B company, you must cultivate true connections with your customers in order to demonstrate your brand’s credibility. With your company’s social media presence, you show your fans that you care by putting yourself out there and engaging in conversations.

  1. Use Brand Advocates

Collaborations on Instagram are becoming more and more prevalent as a way to create B2B leads. An endorsement may help with this.

Using Instagram, you may work with influencers and other brand ambassadors to get the word out about your business. If you’re looking for a B2B brand ambassador, browse the websites or business listings of potential candidates to learn more about the company’s leadership and personnel.

  1. Take Advantage of Instagram Stories

Many individuals find long-form blog postings difficult to read. Make sure you’re taking advantage of Instagram Stories. Most people check Instagram stories often when they visit Instagram since it’s at the top of the page.

  1. Use Lead-Generating Ads

It is possible to quickly produce B2B leads with Instagram lead generating advertisements. Instagram lead generation advertising may help you acquire essential information from your prospective customers, such as their phone numbers and email addresses.


When it comes to effective marketing on Instagram, narrative and presentation are crucial. You’ll quickly acquire the trust of your audience if you implement any or all of the seven tactics outlined.

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