How to Integrate SEO and Email Marketing

How to Integrate SEO and Email Marketing

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Table of contents

  1. Create a Newsletter Archive
  2. Create Digests
  3. Insert Newsletter Content into Your Blog
  4. Addition of HTML Versions
  5. Include a Search Bar Link
  6. UTM Parameters

Create a Newsletter Archive

Include a newsletter archive on your website. This allows search engines to index your email. Also, your readers will be able to see what you send your newsletter subscribers, encouraging them to sign up.

Optimize headlines and text with keywords and attributes for search engines.

If you want to publish the same text in both a blog post and an archive, you must use the canonical tag.

Create Digests

Digests help increase blog traffic. This method works well if the digest articles are engaging.

You can create a digest by selecting related articles or the best weekly posts.

In this digest, only valuable content should be included. Users will not open your digest if it only contains promotional articles. Use it to save your readers time, increase blog traffic, and reactivate inactive subscribers.

Insert Newsletter Content into Your Blog

Don’t let valuable information rot in your readers’ inboxes. Because Google does not index emails, email marketing cannot directly benefit SEO. In fact, Google Analytics will recognize email content on your blog!

Write a summary of the email’s content and encourage readers to read more on your blog.

Send a series of emails with valuable information and a link to your blog’s full post.

Ask to Share

Make it easy for readers to share your content by including social media share buttons in your emails.

Many email marketing platforms allow such buttons.

Make sure it resonates with your target demographic for more social media shares and backlinks.

Addition of HTML Versions

If the email does not display correctly, the subscriber can view the HTML version. Taking this step will help you avoid misunderstandings if there are image issues on various devices.

Some tools automate or provide email templates. You can also do it yourself using guides like this one.

Include a Search Bar Link

The lower your bounce rate, the more pages your visitors view.

Include a search bar link at the bottom of your email to encourage website exploration. So the reader can see multiple pages. This is a ranking factor for search engines.

Add a “read more” section with links to other blog posts and a search bar to your email.

UTM Parameters

Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) helps measure the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns. Google Analytics collects data when a subscriber clicks a link with UTM parameters. In your GA profile, you can see daily statistics for a specific email.

It tells you which emails work best, how many people visit your site, etc. Review the above advice and track your progress.

How to Integrate SEO and Email marketing

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