How to Mark an Message as Junk

How to Mark an Message as Junk

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Have you been a situation where you want to mark a spam message as junk in Do you know the process to take? This article describes how to mark spam in as junk mail so that it is automatically moved to the Junk email folder. By moving it to the Junk Email folder, you’re training to automatically identify similar junk emails in the future.

How to Mark an Message as Junk

Move a message to the Junk Email folder to inform that it made it past the junk mail filter.

  1. Navigate to and sign in with your email address and password.
  2. Select the junk message from the message list. To mark multiple messages as spam at the same time, check the box next to each message.
  3. From the toolbar, click Junk.
  4. Choose from Junk or Phishing. Additionally, you can choose to block the sender.
  5. Select Report or Do not report the message to Microsoft in the Report as junk dialog box.
  6. The message is moved to the Junk Email folder, and learns which message types you consider junk.
  7. After 30 days, the items in the Junk Email folder are deleted.

Utilize Spam Email Filters

If accidentally moves non-junk emails to the Junk Email folder, add the senders to the list of Safe senders and domains.

If the email originates from a mailing list, it may be flagged as spam due to the absence of your email address in the To line. Add the mailing list’s address to the Safe senders and domains list if you trust it.

To add an email address to the list of trusted senders and domains, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Click View all Outlook preferences.
  3. Select Mail > Junk Email from the Settings dialog box.
  4. Select Add in the Safe senders and domains section and enter an email address for a sender or domain from which you wish to receive email messages.
  5. Click Save.

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