How to Conduct Online Marketing Research

How to Conduct Online Marketing Research

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Ecommerce Market research is the study of competitors. If you run an Ecommerce business and sell products, you must keep up with market trends. If you don’t do your homework, you risk losing potential customers. Also, if you have ten competitors nearby, the research makes you stand out.

It’s important to know what’s going on around you when you’re in business. If you discover a saturated, small, low-margin, and boring market (you complete the research and you totally over the idea). So you will avoid getting into a bad situation.

How to conduct Ecommerce market research online?

  • Conduct Keyword research
  • Find the trend
  • Check social media
  • Create an online store to gain momentum
  • Leverage your networks and get a temperature check
  1. Conduct Keyword research

Many tools research keywords. These tools show you how many people are looking for your business or product. This will show you what global customers search for.

  1. Find the trend

You can use Google Trends for this. Find the product or business idea, then look at the directional search demand for that keyword over time. You can also compare search volume between terms, locations, and even events.

  1. Check social media

Mention your business idea and start understanding the research volume. Aspects of your target marketing can be unwrapped using social media. This will help you learn new languages. And later in the descriptions.

  • Using the language of your target market will help you increase traffic, customer loyalty, and conversation.
  • Research hashtags and what’s hot.
  • Search on Instagram
  • Type in your product’s hashtag to see how many other people are using it and related hashtags.
  1. Create an online store to gain momentum

You can do this to drive traffic or even collect pre-orders long before your product or service is even created.

  1. Leverage your networks and get a temperature check

Using your digital network, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, is essential. It is possible to increase sales by providing feedback from potential customers. Here are some honest ways to get feedback.

  • BigCommerce Web development services community
  • 10X slack group
  • BigCommerce Facebook community group
  • Side project slag channels
  • Startup slack channels
  • #smallBiz slag channels

In Conclusion

And it’s never-ending. So you know what’s going on, and some facts about you and your business. You can easily change things if you need to. It can spark new ideas. Overall, it is very useful.

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