How to Use Instagram to Increase Website Traffic

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Instagram, launched in 2010, has quickly become one of the internet’s most popular social networking sites. It has over 800 million active subscribers worldwide, most of whom are between 18 and 29. Most of them are educated and avid online shoppers looking for new products at the best prices. Intuitive online business owners are taking note of this trend and incorporating Instagram into their overall search engine optimization strategy to increase online traffic.

3 Instagram Tips to Increase Website Traffic:

Experts claim internet search engine managers do not consider social media presence when ranking business websites on their result pages. However, it is well known that business websites with active social media profiles, such as Instagram, can rank higher. This means the organizations that own such sites get more organic traffic from their target audience and are more visible online. They recommend the following three effective Instagram marketing strategies to increase your company’s online visibility:

  1. Use the location as a ‘call to action’

Instagram allows you to customize the location of your eye-catching photos or videos for your clients’ convenience. It appears above the images you want to share with your target audience but below the business profile username. This method is used by entrepreneurs to geotag pictures for their clients. If geo-tagging is too difficult for you, you can use the space to create a ‘call to action.’

  1. Use Instagram links to track your online marketing campaign’s success

When you launch an online marketing campaign to improve your company’s search engine rankings, you must evaluate its success. Using Instagram, you can do the same thing with Google URL Builder. The tracking code on your business profile link shows how many Instagram followers are currently browsing your website.

  1. Using relevant hashtags

Instagram is a search engine. This popular social media networking platform has built-in features called ‘hashtags’ that help drive traffic to your company’s website. But only if you use them properly. Take your time to research which hashtags can help you increase your website’s internet visibility.

Having an active Instagram profile can help your business website rank higher on popular search engines. But you must know how to leverage this popular social media networking platform. Less traffic to your site means more money for you.

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