5 Pointers For Creating Lead-generating blog posts

5 Pointers For Creating Lead-generating blog posts

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Table of Contents

  • Write on hot trending topics
  • Don’t limit yourself to product details
  • Directly address your audience
  • Don’t forget to add CTAs
  • Use the best keywords
  1. Write on hot trending topics

People frequently look up trending topics online. During the election period, “ELECTION UPDATES” is the most searched term on Google. So, write on topics that are trending.

You know your niche and your services. Every category has some trending topics. Writing on trending topics increases traffic if your content is unique. Another benefit is that when you write about hot topics, Google promotes your website and you automatically rank higher. So, writing on trending topics will help you generate blog leads.

  1. Don’t limit yourself to product details

People always want a good blog post experience. We’ve seen many bloggers who only write posts to highlight the benefits and value of their products or services. People may start to think negatively about your product and call it spam. Why would a customer read your article if they don’t want your product?

Consciousness is the key. Ask them about their likes and dislikes, and what they want from your website. Once you know what they want, move them to that page.

Focusing on visitors’ needs and wants will increase your leads.

  1. Directly address your audience

Building trust among visitors is now a crucial factor in generating leads. If visitors trust you, you will get more leads. People like to chat with you to see if you are transparent.

Add a chat or call option to your website that is clearly visible. Respond quickly to any customer texts. While chat bots can answer some common questions, personally responding to a customer builds trust. I also respond to customer queries as soon as possible.

  1. Don’t forget to add CTAs

A blog post without a call-to-action is useless for generating leads. Never forget to include a call-to-action when trying to increase sales or customer service. Imagine your visitor is 100% convinced to become a lead, but you haven’t mentioned a CTA.

A strong CTA will help you generate leads. Your CTA should be on every page so the visitor doesn’t have to look for it. Mention a contact number, direct link, or email address. You must remind people to convert.

  1. Use the best keywords

One aspect that cannot be ignored, regardless of the purpose of writing blog posts, is the keyword.

A keyword is a term that users search for on Google. A blog post should include relevant keywords that are frequently searched.

Using the right keywords will improve your website’s ranking, resulting in more visitors and leads.


Writing blog posts that generate leads is definitely a good idea. You can write unique articles about your niche or service. This guide will help you write a successful blog post that generates leads.

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