4 Can’t-Miss Mobile Marketing Practices

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More people than ever are buying on their phones. According to CIO, 28% of sales are now made on smartphones.

Sales via smartphones grew 87% last year, while sales via tablets grew 52%. Mobile marketing is clearly the future. But many brands haven’t fully developed mobile marketing strategies.

Like traditional marketing, mobile marketing is ambiguous and difficult to control for many brands. Here are some tips to help your company launch a successful mobile marketing campaign.

  • Right-sized Content
  • Localized sites
  • Local search
  • Geo-targeting
  1. Right-sized Content

When it comes to mobile content, it’s important to be concise. Sure, create quality content, but get to the point quickly. Remember that your target audience is likely using a small screen and may be out of the office. As a result, they lack space and time to read lengthy content.

It’s difficult for mobile marketers to create compelling content that is also concise.

  1. Localized sites

As more people use mobile devices to access social media, it’s critical that your brand utilizes location-based services like Yelp and Foursquare to connect with potential customers.

Location-based services are ideal for retailers and restaurants.

  1. Local search

Mobile device local searches are common. Users are increasingly using mobile devices to search locally. Submit your mobile website to Google My Business to take advantage of the growing use of mobile devices for local searches.

Also, make sure your website clearly displays your physical address, contact information, and business hours. Your address and phone number should be readily available.

  1. Geo-targeting

Brands can use location-based services to geo-target their marketing messages to local customers. Using digital discounts and coupons, you can run promotions to encourage customers to visit your business.

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