5 Digital Advertising Platforms To Use Right Now

5 Digital Advertising Platforms To Use Right Now

To get the best results from your marketing campaigns, you need to meet them where they are. You can always make use of some effective digital advertising platform to aid your marketing.

These are the five best digital advertising platforms for increasing engagement, sales, and opt-ins.

  • Instagram
  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook
  • Display and Native Ads
  • LinkedIn
  1. Instagram

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Instagram is a popular visual social media site. Its members are usually young and obsessed with photos, videos, and memes.

Because it’s owned by Facebook, the advertising platform is the same. Some advertisers use both sites, but you can focus on Instagram only.

Instagram marketing has a few options. One is to sponsor posts that appear in feeds. Similar to Facebook ads, you can target your audience.

Influencer marketing is also possible on Instagram. Influencers are people who have large followings and can influence purchases.

Solicit individual contacts or buy shoutouts on various platforms. Choose influencers who are popular with your target audience, not just famous in general.

This type of marketing works best when it appears genuine. Ideally, you want influencers who truly believe in your products.

  1. Google AdWords

Despite competition from Bing and Yahoo, Google still commanded 77% of global search traffic in 2017. Even as social media grows in popularity, you can’t ignore the world’s largest search.

Local search is now one of Google’s strongest areas. Paying for local listings ensures that your business is seen by people searching locally.

Large in scope, Google AdWords is one of the priciest paid advertising platforms. Instead of the most popular and competitive keywords, bid on long tail keywords. This works well when targeting local customers because you can target neighborhoods, regions, and cities.

The Google Keyword Tool can help you find long tail keywords.

  1. Facebook

Facebook, the leading social media site, allows you to connect with a huge audience and create highly targeted campaigns.

Unlike other social media sites, Facebook’s demographics are diverse – young, old, male, female, global, regional, and interest-based. This makes it applicable to all businesses.

While AdWords allows for targeting by geography, device, and keywords, Facebook allows for targeting by gender, age, interests, income, and education. This makes it ideal for niche marketing.

With local marketing, Facebook now competes with Google. Facebook’s Ad Manager helps you analyze and improve your ads. You can test ads like images, videos, and boosted posts.

If you have a Facebook page, you can pay to drive traffic to it.

  1. Display and Native Ads

These ads aren’t specific to any platform, but appear on many popular websites.

Placing banner or native ads on targeted websites is another option.

In addition to their other advertising options, Google and Facebook allow display ads. You can work with ad networks that specialize in finding the best placement for your ads on influential websites (like news sites or sites owned by large companies in your industry).

Outbrain and Redirect.com are the leaders in native ads, which look like organic posts or articles.

  1. LinkedIn

While most people know LinkedIn is the leading business social media site, not everyone considers it a viable advertising option.

LinkedIn, however, offers promoted InMail messages, sponsored content, and text ads. These ads allow you to reach businesses of all sizes in multiple ways.

Its own messaging service, InMail, lets you send personalized messages to people who share your interests. Like Facebook, you have good targeting options, but this is a B2B site, whereas most others are B2C.

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