7 Tips for Developing a Profitable Relationship with Your List

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Here are seven tips for cultivating a profitable relationship with your list.

  • Be true to yourself
  • Maintain a sense of direction
  • Provide information
  • Unless you are sending a newsletter, send only one item per email
  • Provide a method for members of the list to contact you
  • Keep an eye on what works – monitor your analytics
  • Maintain a responsive attitude
  1. Be true to yourself

Allow for the expression of your personality in your list. When people feel as though you know them and trust them, they will purchase from you. Make an attempt to be someone you are not, and it will show on your list. You will never earn that trust that way. Studies demonstrate that most people prefer to buy from a company they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST.

  1. Maintain a sense of direction

If your list is about self-care, the subject of your email should be that. Send marketing tips to your self-care list, but not the other way around. While some individuals may have interests in both, the individual signed up for a specific topic, and you are betraying the trust you have worked so hard to build. If your list contains readers with a range of interests, segment it so that each person receives only what they require.

  1. Provide information

Ascertain that the information you provide to your list is of high quality. Even if you’re selling something, make sure you’re also providing information. Define the issue and demonstrate why your product is the solution, but also educate your subscribers about the subject, even if they are not interested in the product.

  1. Unless you are sending a newsletter, send only one item per email

Multiple items sent to your list can be extremely confusing for them and will never result in the desired action. Ensure that each email contains a SINGLE call to action. When presented with several options, the majority of people will choose none. Never leave your subscriber in the dark about what you intended for them to do.

  1. Provide a method for members of the list to contact you

You are establishing a relationship based on trust. Make it clear who you are and how to contact you. That is not to say you must provide them with your cell phone number! Your website should include a contact form that enables visitors to send you an email or schedule a call with you.

  1. Keep an eye on what works – monitor your analytics

Monitoring your analytics is the only way to determine which emails perform well and which do not. This will enable you to optimize your email communications with your list. Bear in mind that the primary goal of your email is to generate clicks to a sales page. If it accomplishes that, it is successful regardless of whether you sell a product. The sales page is critical to the product’s success.

  1. Maintain a responsive attitude

Respond to any email you receive from a subscriber. Nothing is more frustrating than sending an email to a business and not receiving a response. The customer loses interest, and you miss out on a sale. Daily (or more frequently) check your email and respond to customer inquiries. You can easily configure it so that your virtual assistant receives and responds to messages. Whoever does it, each one should be treated with urgency.

Your credibility is more critical than ever in today’s world of internet commerce. Often, your potential clients will only see your online reputation. Ascertain that you are meticulous in upholding a reputation for high-quality products or services.

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