7 ways to grow an engaged email list

Growing an engaged email list takes time and effort, but it pays off big time. This article shares 7 ways to build an engaged email list.

  • Make Use of Sign up forms
  • Start with the right data
  • Give your subscribers useful content
  • Opt-in is key
  • Gating of content
  • Regularly clean your list
  • Measuring the email list health


  1. Make Use of Sign up forms

Using a signup form is the simplest way to build an email list. After that, you just need to add it to your website, blog or social media pages and it’s ready to go. It also has permissions.

  1. Start with the right data

Marketers value data, and quality data is gold. Many marketers struggle with data because their data is dirty, incomplete, or lacking. These issues can be overcome by collecting the right data from your sign up forms and gated content.

Keep sign-up forms short and only collect necessary data. Form fills decrease when there are too many fields.

  1. Give your subscribers useful content

Many marketers fall into the trap of sending out offer after offer in an attempt to increase sales and revenue. But subscribers can get tired of promotional offers that don’t benefit them. Marketers who are successful know that a mix of value-added content (email newsletters, blogs, etc.) and offers is key.

  1. Opt-in is key

Ensure that every email subscriber is opt-in. This means that subscribers explicitly request to be added to your list and opt-in to receive communications from your business. This is referred to as permission-based marketing.

Don’t buy a list. A purchased list won’t work with reputable email providers, and you won’t get the results you want.

  1. Gating of content

Most marketers use content gating to collect email addresses and leads. When gating content, think about how you’ll use the data to grow your subscriber base and nurture leads to your end goal.

  1. Regularly clean your list

The key is to focus on building a healthy and engaged list that will respond to your messages.

Why is so much of your list inactive? Your subscribers have not clicked on a link in three months? For inactive subscribers who ignore or delete your messages, you can create a reactivation campaign with different content or an offer to win them back.

  1. Measuring the email list health

Your email list is your most valuable asset. Keep an eye on your email list’s engagement metrics like open, click-to-open, and conversion rates. These are key engagement indicators. Also, know where your most engaged subscribers come from. Do they come from your website, social media, or another source?

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