6 Ways To Boost Franchise Leads

6 Ways To Boost Franchise Leads

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Now is the time to use local SEO services to drive traffic to your franchise locations. Here are six suggestions:


  • Optimize Your Google My Business Listing
  • Create Location Pages
  • You can leverage on Local Keywords and Geo-Modifiers
  • Make NAP Consistent
  • Inspire Customers To Write Review
  • Use a unified brand

1. Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

When users search for a local business on Google, a map and three options appear at the top of the page. These are Google Maps and Google Local 3-Pack search results, two Google properties that give local businesses (like plumbers, cleaners, etc.) a prominent position on search engine results pages (SERPs).

As Google 3-Pack results appear in 93% of local searches, being listed here should increase brand awareness, relevance, and credibility. To market for franchises, you must first claim your Google My Business (GMB) listing.

Setting up a profile should be easy. But optimizing it may necessitate a local SEO firm. Consider the complexity of Google’s guidelines, which you must follow to the letter if you want your locations to rank well. Writing descriptions that immediately engage users and maintaining separate listings for each location are tasks that an expert in enterprise SEO should be able to help you with.

2. Create Location Pages

Franchise or multiple-location model SEO necessitates the creation of pages for each location on your website. In which it makes it easier for you to reach the appropriate customers. Using this franchise strategy can help your pages rank high for relevant search terms, driving traffic to your site. Once on your site, you can direct visitors to the nearest storefront.

3. You can leverage on Local Keywords and Geo-Modifiers

For example, “fencing installation contractors in Dallas, TX” are recommended by an experienced local SEO agency. Using geo-modifiers, you can position your site in front of high-intent leads.

4. Make NAP Consistent

Local citations for your franchise locations can be found on GMB, Yelp, blogs, and public databases. Online citations of your name, address, and phone number (NAP). And Google uses citations to rank local businesses accurately on Google Maps, so your NAP must match your website.

Experts in franchise marketing say this is critical to your business marketing efforts. Even minor errors, like writing “St” in one place and “Street” in another, should be corrected to keep Google happy. Having accurate NAP across the board expands your reach and search rankings.

5. Inspire Customers To Write Review

Today’s top enterprise SEO agencies advise using positive reviews to market franchises. Consider: Consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family. But that’s not all. 94% say they are more likely to use a company with more positive reviews.

But you should actively seek out positive reviews. You must solicit them, make them easy to leave, and then respond to negative reviews. Is it intimidating? Don’t worry if you don’t have the expertise or time to do it yourself.

6. Use a unified brand

When you do franchise advertising, branding, or marketing, you automatically benefit from your franchisor’s brand equity. For your own website and ads, make sure the logo is understandable. And let other visual elements like fonts, icons, and color palette have connection with the established corporate identity.

Conversely, franchisors are in charge of developing a comprehensive franchise strategy. Starbucks’ brand expression guide is cited as a model by enterprise SEO experts. The stylebook emphasizes the Starbucks logo’s look and feel, which benefits the customer experience and may even increase sales.

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