Easy Ways to Improve Your Facebook Business Page

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A Facebook business page is a free way for businesses to increase their online visibility. Like a personal Facebook profile, a business page can send and receive messages, update statuses, and be notified. Like, comment, and share the content of other Facebook users and pages.

There are an infinite number of Facebook business pages. This can make branding difficult. Paying for ads isn’t the only way to increase engagement. How to improve your Facebook business page?

Sharing of Industry News on Your Feed

If your customers/followers/clients are in the same industry as you, share industry news on Facebook. Sharing interesting industry news shows your customers and followers that you are up to date. It also shows your company’s commitment to its niche. This may help you build trust with potential clients and customers. It may even spark discussion and questions. Most importantly, increase interaction with your posts to increase your relevance on Facebook.

Study the Competition

It’s intimidating to compete with companies that have huge followings and perfect social media posts when you’re just starting out on Facebook. But every business page had to start somewhere. So don’t give up just because your competitors appear to be “doing better” than you. Like you, they’re probably guessing on Facebook.

So what? So, look at your competitors and see what works for them. Allow it to help you succeed on Facebook. Determine which companies in your industry have successfully built a Facebook community. Pay attention to the type of posts and content that gets the most engagement.

Find New Ways to Promote Your Goods/Services!

Use your imagination to appeal to your followers. Uploading relevant, funny, or interesting content that promotes your products or services can help. Plan a photo shoot for your clothing line, or use an internet trend to promote your product. Simple office interviews show your followers that you’re present and a pleasure to work with. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and involve your fans in your brand’s story.

Run a Facebook Contest

Once you have a loyal following, hold a contest! Giving away a prize via a contest on Facebook is a good way to increase engagement. ShortStack and Gleam are two great programs for creating Facebook contests. They allow you to create eye-catching and high-performing competitions while capturing leads on one platform.


Facebook is the world’s largest social network. So, if you want to grow your business online, you should create a Facebook page. But remember to create a solid social media strategy. Prove your points with research. Remember, it’s not about the number of Facebook fans. Engagement with your page and business is not determined by that. It’s how you use it strategically and creatively to increase community.

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