6 Email Marketing Tips for 2021

6 Email Marketing Tips for 2021

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Email marketing has been and will continue to be a low-cost marketing strategy. After all, sending bulk emails is cheap, even if only a small percentage of recipients respond.

But, if done correctly, email marketing can produce much better results.

This post will teach you six of the most effective email marketing strategies for 2021. These email marketing tips can help you run successful campaigns and get better results.

Want to learn more about email marketing? Then take a look at the following tips

1. Customize Emails

Email personalization is one of the top email marketing trends for 2021. And, with AI advancements, mass email personalization is now possible.

Personalized emails are a must.

You can choose from various levels of email personalization.

The most basic way to personalize emails is to include the recipient’s name, even when sending bulk emails. Most popular email marketing tools allow basic personalization such as adding recipient names.

So, use a good email template and choose to automatically add recipients names.

Sending different emails to different subscribers based on their sales funnel position is the next level of personalization. AI can help you set triggers to send automated emails.

Everyone who signs up for your newsletter gets a welcome email. Or they get an abandoned cart email with a special discount. The options are endless!

2. Creating Killer Subject Lines

Writing catchy subject lines is the first step to a successful email campaign. Subject lines are still the most vital part of your email marketing strategy.

Most people only open emails based on the subject lines. So, if your subject lines attract the interest of your readers, they are more likely to open your emails.

3. Create enticing previews

Writing compelling email preview text is an often overlooked email marketing strategy.

Preview text is the first line of an email that can be seen in your inbox without opening it. This sort of previews what you can expect when you open the email.

The preview text can influence a person’s decision to open or not open an email. They can see the email content and decide if it is relevant to them.

So, use the preview text to entice your subscribers to open your emails. Make it short and to the point, and include the most vital information.

4. Remain succinct and visual

Do you go through your emails word by word? No?

No one does. Even the most important emails are skimmed if they are too text-heavy and wordy.

If you want your subscribers to read your emails, make them easy to read. Using more visuals than text in your emails is one way.

If you must use text-based emails, keep them brief and organized. Avoid long paragraphs and use bullet points.

Thinking about whether you would read an email in your inbox when writing one.

5. Follow Up, But Don’t Spam

People often miss emails because their inboxes are flooded. If your first email isn’t opened, you can always send a second one with a different subject line.

The idea is to try again with a new subject line. Also, if someone missed your first email, sending a second one gives you a second chance.

But don’t spam people’s inboxes with too many follow-up emails. Moving on is necessary if someone does not open or respond to your emails twice.

It is pointless to keep trying to contact someone who does not respond to your emails. It also annoys people and spams their inbox, damaging your brand’s reputation.

Definitely not more than one or two follow-up emails Nobody likes an inbox clogger.

6. Create Mobile-Friendly Emails

Creating emails that can be read on any device is an important email marketing tip for 2021.

Most people prefer to read emails on their phones or tablets. So, when creating email campaigns, always use mobile-friendly email templates.

Avoid using large images that take too long to load on mobile devices. Keep sentences short and crisp so they can be read on a phone.

Make sure your emails look as good on a phone as they do on a computer.

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