How Effective Is Email Scrubbing?

How Effective Is Email Scrubbing?

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Effective email marketing can generate more engaged leads and higher conversion rates. But it can be pointless if your mailing lists aren’t up to par. Engagement can improve a sender’s reputation, increase conversion rates, and avoid spam folders.

To avoid these unfortunate outcomes, keep your email lists clean by scrubbing them regularly.

Cleaning up your email lists is vital to ensure that:

  • Only qualified leads are engaged, which leads to increasing conversion rates.
  • No marketing effort is wasted on any uninterested customers
  • Emails don’t go to spam.

Scrubbing email is simple if you automate it or use a product that simplifies the process. Whatever method you use, be sure to clean your email lists at least twice a year.

When Should You Carry out Email Scrubbing?

Before you start scrubbing your email list, you must first determine if it is eligible.

Three major red flags to watch out for are:

  • Drop in open or click-through rates;
  • Spam complaints have skyrocketed.
  • Recently, many unsubscribed.

If any of these occur, clean your email.

Maintaining a healthy mailing list requires regular cleaning. Now that we know more, let’s see what email scrubbing can do for you.

Better delivery

Bounced or spammed emails can harm your sender reputation. Inactive subscribers may prevent you from reaching their inboxes. Scrubbing your contact list will help you find and delete bad addresses, improving deliverability.

 Less Spam Reports

Your emails should be useful to your readers. Recall that some people joined your list in exchange for a discount or a free gift. People on your list may decide they no longer want to receive your emails and find them annoying.

Use an unsubscribe link in your emails to avoid spam filters. An opt-out link is provided in the email footer.

 Boosted open and click-through rates

Maybe you’ve noticed a steady decline in open and click-through rates. Because passive subscribers skew these metrics.

An open rate is the percentage of emails delivered that were opened. A campaign’s success is measured by its click-through rate. After cleaning your contact list, only email people who are likely to be interested in your offer. Your metrics will improve.

 Less Bounce

Changed email addresses, full inboxes, or technical errors can cause bouncing. Your campaigns will never reach recipients because their servers will bounce them. Bounces will hurt your campaign. So delete them from your contacts.

You now know the advantages of a clean mailing list, but when should you do it?

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