Influencer Marketing Content Repurposing

Influencer Marketing Content Repurposing

Influencer Marketing Content Repurposing

We’ve all heard it: reuse, reduce, recycle. Know that this advice extends beyond aluminum cans and plastic water bottles?

You can repurpose influencer marketing content to boost your campaign’s value. As with any recycling program, you’re preventing waste while reinvesting in the community — or in this case, your company.

Repost on Social Media

Influencers likely share brand-related content on social media, but it doesn’t have to end there. You can recycle content that your influencers have already shared with your audience.

Reposting influencer content ensures that your message reaches the widest possible audience. Influencer campaigns can be costly, so maximize the return on each piece of content.

Use Content For Ads

Many people recycle for the environment, but others do it to make money. Aluminum cans and other metals are paid for at scrap metal yards. You can apply the same logic to digital ads.

According to an eMarketer report, one-fifth of marketers used influencer content in their digital ads. They may post a photo of an influencer wearing a product to promote a clothing line. With the right pitch, this type of advertising can easily sell product.

Affirm the content’s commercial use permission (which is usually part-and-parcel of influencer campaigns.) Target your ads to an audience that will recognize your influencer and thus value the promotion more. Consumers won’t be swayed by an influencer they don’t know.

Boost Your Email Marketing Campaign

You probably don’t recycle if you don’t use plastic. The same goes for those who sign up for your email list but never use social media. Repurposing content for email campaigns may increase your influencer campaign’s ROI.

You could use the content to tell stories. Share the influencer’s story and explain how your product or service has improved his or her life. It could also be a CTA. Encourage people to click on your email’s link by quoting your influencer.


Why not brag about recycling? Influencer testimonials often carry more weight than those written or submitted by average consumers. Include your influencers’ highest praise on your website with a link to their original post.

Testimonials with photos are even more powerful. Influencers frequently share photos on social media, making their content ideal for testimonials.

Guest Blogs

The best part of recycling is that it often inspires others. Your influencer campaign produces lots of content but targets a niche. Why not broaden the audience by guest posting on a related blog?

A link back to your website and increased brand visibility in one fell swoop. To make the post unique, add more content or curate several posts from your influencer and comment on each.


Industry events provide another opportunity to recycle — and we don’t just mean the swag bags from other booths. Consider a poster with a relevant influencer-generated post. Alternately, play a video your influencer made on loop or include a quote from them in your literature.

Make your influencer campaigns unique. Like recycling, repurposing influencer content expands your audience and, when done correctly, increases sales. That takes time and effort.

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