Marketing ideas for 2021


We’re finally making progress against the pandemic; it’s the ideal time to make a fresh start.

The time has come to dust off your marketing strategy and get back on track with your long-term goals if your marketing has been in crisis mode for the past year or more. The following are nine things you can do right now to enhance your marketing efforts.

1. Look over the content of your website

Is all of the information on your website current and accurate? Is there any content on your blog posts that is out of date or no longer relevant? Perform a content audit to create a comprehensive inventory of the content on your website, and delete or update anything that does not meet your quality standards.

2. Clean up your email distribution lists

By going through your email subscriber list, either manually or with the help of a list scrub service, you can increase the effectiveness of your email marketing by ensuring that all contacts are accurate, up to date, and actively engaged.

3. Evaluate your social media marketing efforts

Is your company concentrating its marketing efforts on the most appropriate social media platforms? Are you utilizing the appropriate types of social media content to increase engagement with your audience? Have you made any modifications to your Facebook marketing strategy in order to take advantage of Facebook’s new policy regarding content from business pages? Consider what you are doing on social media and whether or not it is producing the results you desire.

4. Make changes to your About page

This page is one of the most important on your website because it should inform your visitors about who you are and what you do while also assisting them in developing a sense of trust in your company. Make certain that your About page leaves a positive impression on visitors to your site before publishing it. Is it a true representation of your story? Do you know of any significant changes that have occurred at your company that are not mentioned on the About page? Is it necessary to update any of the years or statistics?

5. Keep an eye on your online reputation

Is it possible for you to learn what your customers are saying about you? Online reviews are becoming increasingly popular as a tool for purchasing decisions, which means your company’s online reputation can make or break your business. Make use of your spring cleaning as an opportunity to clean up your online reputation.

6. Take a look at your branding

Your company’s brand is a detailed identity that defines how your company appears to employees, competitors, and the rest of the world at large. Carry out a quick review of your website and marketing materials to ensure that your company’s image and goals are accurately represented, and that no outdated versions of your logo or brand colors are still being used.

7. Check the speed of your website

Is your website loading as quickly as it should be? Using a free page speed tool to determine whether your site is performing as well as it should and providing the best possible user experience can prevent visitors from abandoning your site and causing Google to downgrade your search rank by as much as one second.

8. Double-check that you’re still targeting the appropriate keywords

When you first started developing your website, you most likely had a list of keywords in mind that you wanted to target. However, when was the last time you took a look at that list of yours? In addition to identifying new keywords to target, a keyword audit and some keyword research can also help you determine whether some of your target keywords are seeing a decrease in search volume, allowing you to adjust your content accordingly.

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