How To Boost Your Email Click-Through Rates

How To Boost Your Email Click-Through Rates

You definitely want your recipients to open your email as soon as they see the title or subject, and then click a link to make a purchase, download content, or schedule an appointment. According to the 2020 Email Effectiveness Report, 55% of marketers say the most effective metric to measure email marketing campaign success is CTR (click-through rate).

According to a Campaign Monitor report from 2021, the average email click-through rate in the US is 2.6%. If your email CTR is higher than the average, your email campaign is probably relevant and motivating recipients to act.

How do you get email recipients to click on a call to action after reading the email content? Use these email marketing click-through-rate tips.

1. Make Emails Responsive

It’s vital to design marketing emails that are easy to open and read on mobile devices. A mobile-friendly responsive design will generate 15% more clicks. Making your email messages responsive simply means that you are able to tailor your Email HTML/CSS to become viewable and responsive on both desktop, mobile and iPad devices. You may need the service of a webmaster, web designer or HTML Email Templates downloadable online to power your email messages.

2. Highlight The Value

People are usually busy and distracted, so one of the best ways to gain their attention is to show them clearly what they will gain by highlighting or numbering them. Describe the benefits and value your products and services will bring in clear and vivid terms and how they differ from your competitors. Using images and infographics can help in the area of clearly stating the features and benefits of your products and services.

3. Make Use of A Strong Call To Action

Call To Action is also one of the surest ways to gain customer attention. Make sure your call-to-action button has compelling text. Some of the call to action terms includes: Shop Now, Claim Your Coupon, Learn More, or Sign Me Up, Click Me Now etc.


4. Try Sending At Different Times

GetResponse claims that click rates don’t differ much between weekdays and weekends. But the time of day matters. It was found that emails are most clicked at 3 a.m., 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. Because every email marketing list is unique, make sure to test the best days and times for your business.

5. Use Triggered Emails

According to a GetResponse report from 2020, triggered emails have an average click-through rate of 6.8%, compared to 3.6 percent for autoresponder emails (like welcome emails) and 2.1 percent for email newsletters. If you don’t already send triggered emails, consider adding them to your arsenal for higher click rates. A special offer or discount may help to encourage clicks if you already use triggered emails.

6. Touch Their Emotions

Choosing whether or not to click a link in an email is often driven by emotions. Use emotional triggers in your email messages to get more clicks. Fear of missing out on a deal or opportunity (scarcity), excitement about something new or exciting, or belonging to an exclusive group can all be emotional triggers.

7. Add a Video

A video in a marketing email can boost you click-through rates by 66%. But avoid embedding the video directly in the email. A video thumbnail or screen grab with a link to your company’s YouTube channel or a video landing page on your website is preferable instead.

8. Modify Email Content

The real opportunity with personalization is in developing unique email content for each target audience segment, such as product recommendations based on past purchases or images customized to the subscriber’s location.

9. Make Use Of A Call-to-Action Button

A call-to-action button stands out more than a simple text link in an email. Campaign Monitor found that using a button rather than a text link increased click-throughs by 28%.

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