How to Get People in the Habit of Reading Your Emails

How to Get People in the Habit of Reading Your Emails

Stick to a consistent frequency

Readers cannot develop a habit of opening your emails if they are unaware of the frequency with which they will arrive.

That is why it is critical to establish (and maintain) a consistent cadence for email newsletters.

Aim for twice a month as a best practice for email frequency. Backlinko reported in 2021 that businesses that sent emails twice a month saw the highest average open rates.

However, we recommend that you choose a frequency that works for you — if you are unable to commit to two posts per month, it is preferable to opt for a slower frequency rather than overcommitting and disappointing your readers.

Finally, once you’ve determined a sending frequency, communicate it to subscribers in advance. This helps establish expectations, allowing subscribers to develop an early habit of reading your emails.

Send emails when people have time to read them

If your goal is to increase email open rates, avoid sending emails when the majority of your subscribers are too busy to read them.

We recommend conducting an in-depth analysis of your list to determine the optimal time and day to send emails. Examine your highest points of engagement or look for patterns in when people tend to subscribe.

As a general rule, our 2019 research found that the best days to send email newsletters are Wednesday through Friday. Additionally, we discovered that the optimal times to send email are during typical workday hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding lunch). And the highest open rates occurring in the late afternoon (3 pm to 4 pm).

Choose a familiar “from” name

We are frequently asked what the best “from” name for email marketing campaigns is. Should it be the name of your business? Or should it come from a specific individual within your organization?

It truly depends on whom people anticipate hearing from.

Therefore, to increase open rates, ensure that the “from” name you use in your campaigns corresponds to the user’s expectations.

Start with a value-packed welcome email

Welcome emails have been shown to increase open rates in the long run, increasing unique open rates by 86 percent.

Additionally, sending a welcome email allows you to capture your readers’ attention during their most engaged state. According to our research, leads are most engaged 48 hours after subscribing.

These statistics demonstrate why sending a simple welcome email can go a long way toward establishing a reader’s habit of reading your emails for years to come. To amplify this effect, send a value-packed welcome email, demonstrating to your readers that opening your emails always results in a reward.

Produce high-quality, reader-centric content

If you have a blog — or are attracting visitors through other content marketing techniques — relevant, high-quality content is an excellent way to keep subscribers reading your emails.

BuzzFeed, a Campaign Monitor customer, is an excellent example of this.

BuzzFeed incentivizes subscribers to open their emails by including highly entertaining, shareable content that their readers adore.

Consistently rewarding subscribers encourages them to open and click on their campaigns. It enables BuzzFeed to build an engaged subscriber list that generates millions of monthly visits to their website.

To ensure you’re creating high-quality content for your list, always ask yourself before sending, “What’s in it for the subscriber?”

This will help you avoid sending irrelevant content to your reader, such as bland company news or press releases.

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