What’s the Best Email Marketing Software for Ecommerce in 2021

What’s the Best Email Marketing Software for Ecommerce in 2021

What are the best email marketing software options that we have out there for the ecommerce and other of the applications in 2021? Let us be fair – I can not answer that for you, but I can be of help to you in point some direction and also support you with the research. The fact still remains that there is no single solution that fits every person and every company. Everybody has their own requirements and their preferences. Next to that, there are also some legal requirements nowadays, such as been introduced through the GDPR in the EU, which can just make it a no-go to even to consider software that is not compliant with any of such stated regulations.

Okay, now when we are talking about the email marketing software in the year 2021 we are definitely talking about the SaaS or talking about a similar offerings that run in your browser primarily. Gone are those days where we had to deal with the installing and the updating of software on your computers that had to be executed within the OS. 2021 it is all in the cloud now and that is good for you as well as your IT admins. So making use of the term “software” is not wrong, but we still mean the tools that are accessed in your browser via the Internet and nothing that runs locally on your machine only. There are still some organizations somewhere that have requirements to run the tools on-prem or run the tools on self-hosted, but fear not, this is also an option for many of the providers.

If the world of sales technology is pretty interesting to you in a larger way, then you can also check out the article “Visualizing the World of Sales Technology” that was written by Ashley Viens from Visual Capitalist. There you can find their infographic as an appetizer.

But let’s return back to the topic at hand: With this article, we are not so much trying to evaluate whether or not (any of the choice) an email marketing campaign is still worth doing or it is not doing. I think all the practices have their do’s and their don’ts and you have to start figuring this part out by yourself, depending on who you have as your clients. So why are we posting about what the best email marketing solutions are? We simply want to give you all the digital marketers an overview of the email marketing tools that we notice there are right now, for your own personal consideration. Of course, some of them are more affordable than the others, but sometimes the features of some make even the expensive options worthwhile.

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