How can you select the right email marketing software?

How can you select the right email marketing software?

How can you know what kind of email marketing software that is best for you? I would say that you can start by defining a problem that you want to solve with the software. Then you can start to put down a list, you have to write down all your requirements for the email marketing which the solution is supposed to solve. Let us be frank here if the solution does not solve the problem are encountering, then it is not really a solution. At least not for that your particular problem. Once you have covered that, then it is time for you to visit the email tools that you are considering for your marketing campaign and then you check if they can cater for all your requirements. Write them all down for you to keep track of and then try to find out what they would cost you.

Be very careful when you are calculating costs though. Normally the SaaS tools are subscription-based and they need to be paid monthly or paid annually rather than buying them with a one off investment (CapEx vs OpEx). This means that you need to make sure that you calculate with the right amount of users as well, which be likely for you to need accounts to use the tool. If you have no time or you have no skill or no staff to actually plan the email marketing strategy nor for you to operate the software, make sure to also factor in the cost for a marketing company or a freelancer to support you with that. It is also worth checking if you will need any integration into the existing tools you use and whether or not this might cost extra.

When you are trying to evaluate the pricing you will also need to be aware of the full scope of the solutions. There are many of the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems that are out there that have a focus on sales and operations just as much as for the marketing, so if they do not offer just a single service silo and they only sell the full suite, then obviously it is going to cost more than expected. But this does not necessarily need to be a problem. In case we start talking about a greenfield, you might as well leverage this good opportunity to establish a platform that does not aid only the marketers but also aids the service people and the sales managers. There are still some great quick wins to be achieved if everyone is working within the same tool and making use of the same set of data. Very useful and very insightful for all the people who are working directly with the users, the clients, the leads, the prospects, and the partners.

List of great email marketing software solutions
Just to make very clear that listing these software is not in a ranking order, we have really sorted the available email marketing software solutions that are at the moment hot alphabetically based on their brand name. If you are thinking of a list for the best, just know that the top one might not be the best, and the last mention is certainly not going to be the worst. As we have mentioned earlier, there is no single best solution that you can pick out that fits all the marketing professionals in all the companies and all over the world. Select the one that solves the most problems, that adds the most value to you and to your clients, that is compliant with all of the applicable laws, and that remains to be affordable to you. That is your main candidate to go for.

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