The 10 Best Blogger Editing Tools

Bloggers must adhere to a strict posting schedule if they wish to maintain a positive relationship with their followers and attract new regular visitors to their blogs. Each article they post must be flawless; otherwise, the readers’ comments will be scathing.

Nothing is more discouraging than writing a lengthy post that falls short of the mark. How can you differentiate yourself from the other bloggers in your niche if you are unable to write the type of content your readers expect? Perhaps the issue is not with your writing. Have you ever considered altering your editing style? When your posts have sufficient potential, it is the editing aspect that contributes to their appeal to visitors.

The following 10 tools will assist you in perfecting your content:

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is undoubtedly one of the most popular editing tools available. Along with improving your writing, it features a very clean and intuitive user interface. As a result, nothing will divert your attention away from writing your blog posts in Grammarly once you begin. Among the many cool features it includes is a plagiarism checker that allows you to verify that the copy you’re working on is completely unique.

2. StayFocusd

Don’t you just enjoy procrastinating when it comes to editing? Suddenly, you decide that checking Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is a good idea, and then you call a friend and waste hours without accomplishing anything. StayFocusd, on the other hand, will put an end to those excuses. The app will block distracting websites and prompt you to return to work. That is the proper way to protect your blog from another hastily written post.

3. Byword 2

Byword 2 is a straightforward but effective text editor for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. You will be able to write and edit your blog posts more effectively as a result of its useful features and keyboard shortcuts. All of your devices will be synced with the documents. The Markdown support in the app enables you to preview your content and then export it as rich text, HTML, or PDF, or directly to your blog.

4. Writer

Writer is a powerful AI-powered editing tool that will quickly analyze and help you improve your blog posts. It checks for the standard errors such as typos, grammatical errors, and punctuation. However, what distinguishes this tool from others is that it makes use of artificial intelligence to deduce the context in which these ‘errors’ occur. As a result, it recognizes that sometimes grammar rules do not apply, which is acceptable.

5. Cliche Finder

Perhaps you are unaware of all clichés in the post you’ve written, but you can rest assured that your readers are. Cliche Finder is a powerful editing tool that enables you to eliminate such issues from your content. The automated software analyzes your writings for clichés that you can eliminate.

6. NinjaEssays

Now we’re getting into the meat of the matter: editing. While automated tools are convenient for making quick changes to your content, they lack essential editing assistance. At NinjaEssays, a custom writing service, you can hire an actual expert editor to improve your blog posts while maintaining your unique voice. The prices are extremely reasonable! There is another way to utilize this website: if you need assistance writing a blog post about a subject you are unfamiliar with, NinjaEssays can connect you with a suitable writer who can assist you.

7. Hemingway App  

Your readers are not interested in reading endless sentences that veer off track at some point. With the Hemingway App, your content will be bold and clear. Have you ever wished for Hemingway’s assistance? This is possible with this application. It will indicate which sentences and words could benefit from some simplification.

8. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid combines a variety of editing tools into a single application. You can use it as an online spellchecker and plagiarism checker, as well as to improve readability and paragraph structure, eliminate redundancies and clichés, and identify overused words and phrases, among other things. You are not required to register in order to receive a completely free analysis of your content.

9. Word Counter

Word Counter – Don’t be fooled by the tool’s name; this is not another straightforward word counter. It will inform you of the number of characters you have written (without including spaces), but will also warn you if certain words have been used excessively. You can drill down further and determine the average number of words and characters in a sentence.

10. SynchroEdit

Collaborative writing and editing can help you take a new perspective on the blogging process – all with SynchroEdit. You can collaborate with another blogger or a friend who wants to join the fun on a document. Rather than sending multiple drafts and making endless corrections, you can eliminate the bottleneck and edit the same document in real time.

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