4 Ideas for Better Marketing Productivity and Engagement

4 Ideas for Better Marketing Productivity and Engagement

A reliable marketing platform is one of the most effective tools a small business can employ to save time and operate more efficiently. An all-in-one marketing platform equipped with tools such as customer relationship management (CRM), segmentation and personalization, brand design, and analytics and smart recommendations to optimize your marketing can assist you in learning more about your audience, reaching new people, and creating effective campaigns.

Organize what you know about your audience

A marketing customer relationship management (CRM) system synchronizes all of your contact information across multiple channels and touchpoints. These tools organize and centralize your contact data, which saves time compared to manual processes such as managing multiple spreadsheets or tools. Moreover, they enable you to easily identify patterns in your contact data and segment your audience appropriately.
By organizing your audience data in your marketing platform’s CRM, you can market more effectively in less time.

Apply what you know about your audience’s behaviour

Smart marketing platforms enable you to see how your customers interact with your brand, allowing you to personalize your communications with them; a smart marketing platform can go even further by providing advanced features that save you time mining for data insights or hiring someone to assist you.
Also, a smart marketing platform enables you to forecast future purchase behaviour and value based on past purchase history and trends, allowing you to easily segment your campaigns, create hyper-relevant special offers, and ensure that your time is spent most effectively. For example, if someone is highly likely to make another purchase, you might reward them with a VIP offer.

Reach a bigger audience

One of the most effective strategies for increasing the number of people interested in what you offer is to identify people who are similar to your current contacts. Email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp uses your audience data in conjunction with data from its customer network to identify people who are likely to interact with your brand.
For instance, if a photographer recognizes that parents are among their most valuable clients, they can use a lookalike audience finder to locate other parents in the area and send them a postcard promoting a holiday photo special.
Instead of ‘knocking on random doors,’ you can use a lookalike feature to save time and communicate with people who are similar to your best customers via postcard mailings.

Know how to improve marketing performance

Timing is critical in marketing—you must reach the right person at the right time to succeed. Rather than investing your own time in determining when your contacts are most likely to open an email, send time optimization analyses the platform’s engagement data to determine when each of your contacts is most likely to open an email.
It’s not just about when you send; it’s also about what you send. When these features are combined, they become even more powerful, efficient, and time-saving.

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