Making Your Marketing Newsletters Better

Making Your Marketing Newsletters Better

As busy marketers can be, we will always try not to spend most of our time scouring the internet for good and useful information.

The inbox we have are supposed to be a place where we turn to for quick, digestible communication from companies. Instead of this, we are now constantly flooded with different marketing newsletters that are providing very little value to us.


Now why do most of the marketing newsletters suck?

One of the main reason is because most marketing newsletters try to do too many things at once. From product updates to the event invites, up to random blog posts, emails are just giving support to every single aspect of your business.

What is more, whether it is a newsletter or it is not, any email that you are sending needs to focus on one message if you want it to deliver. While so many of us think that email newsletters can kill plenty birds with one stone, the truth of it all is that it can’t.

The focus and the intent of a marketing newsletter need to be very clear just as the reader takes the first glance. It also needs to give readers something they cannot get from your other marketing channels.
But do people even care about newsletters this days? Perhaps should we just forget about the marketing of newsletters?

Eeeh, not so fast.


Why We Still Need The Marketing Newsletters

Even though we have so many new marketing strategies that have surfaced since emails, it is still considered to be one of the most effective types of marketing.

According to a Chief Marketer, “ the email marketing outperforms any other tactics for lead generation”, Campaign Monitor gives us a review that 89% of marketers consider their email marketing strategy to be a success, and HubSpot says that it clearly contributes to improving the sales.

It is personal, it is targeted and it is meant to be consistent. “Email may be an old school, yea! but it is having the most relevant pieces of news delivered over to you in a digital package and it is still extremely valuable” (Contently).

We should not let-go-of the email newsletters altogether, but if you notice that your current program is not giving you any result, then you can take a step back and evaluate what you are doing so you can have a better performance.

You can also want to, or you decide to revamp how you do your marketing newsletter (again).


Because looking at, it’s something that you wouldn’t want to read yourself anymore. More importantly, maybe it wasn’t helping your company to get closer to your objectives such as generating new leads and also growing a large and engaged email list.

So, for you to improve this, you will have to take a good hard look at your old newsletters and ask ourselves some questions:

Why am i creating an email newsletter?
What do i want to get out of it?
Am i providing value to my readers?
How much time, how much resources and which tools do i need?
How will i promote it?
How will i measure the progress?

These are questions you must ask and that every marketer should ask themselves before starting to create an email newsletter strategy.

You can also decide to focus your newsletter on one topic and then incorporate when relevant, you can see some related articles from other companies.

The result?

Doing this, your readers will be raving about the look and content of your new newsletter. The best part is that you’ll be seeing increase on your open rates, compared to your previous version.

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