8 Killer Marketing Newsletters To Subscribe

8 Killer Marketing Newsletters To Subscribe

There are actually several newsletters that are awesome out there that inspired us to revamp ours – here we present some you should sign up for immediately.

Starting with one of our dearest Mention Memo.


1. The Mention Memo

Every week, you are sure to get a hot little newsletter that is filled with cool gifs, also valuable free resources, and you will get good insightful commentary around a trending marketing topic such as the Instagram Stories, the big tech trends from CES and the Facebook marketing. You will also get practical tips, tricks, and also free resources you can make use for your own marketing strategy.

Why we like this:
Not to tooting our own horn but it is visually appealing and it stands out from a lot of other newsletters we get in our inbox.


2. The Geekout Newsletter by Matt Navarra

If you are involved in any sort of social media marketing or any community management, then you should check out Geekout.
This popular free weekly newsletter gives all the latest social media platform news, the tips, the tricks, the tools and new features.

Why we like this:
If you are trying to keep updated on all the latest social media features and the platform changes it is hard work. Geekout is one amongst the most complete, up to date summaries of almost everything you might need to know, saving you hours each week on research.


3. Please Advise

The Please Advise is a daily marketing newsletter that is curated by the folks at Top Hat. You can consider Please Advise as your daily call-to-action.

It is broken into 3 simple sections. The LOOK, DO and TRY. The best part? It is packed with information that you will actually want to use and you can read it with a quick swipe.

Why we like this
If you are in marketing, the Please Advise is a no-brainer. It is a well designed, and a quick read that you will enjoy opening up everyday.


4. The Hustle

The founder of The Hustle Sam Parr came across the idea of a daily newsletter for millennials while he was trying to promote the HustleCon, a startup conference that he was organizing.

As a result of this, he got an overwhelming response for his newsletter which helped him to eventually grow up to a 300k+ subscriber base.

According to the Digiday, “Parr hopes to carve out a niche by simply bringing a conversational tone to the culture and the tech coverage”…

The newsletter has stories with provocative titles like the Soylent: “What happened to me when I went 30 days Without Food” and also “The Rebranding of The Trailer Park.

Why we like this:
Interesting topics are presented in casual, millennial bro speaks.


5. Later

The Later’s newsletters are really beautifully designed and chock full of some useful tips and resources.

You will learn everything you have ever wanted to know about the Instagram, the latest trends, also how to drive traffic from your Instagram Stories and how to work with the influencers.

Why we like this:
It is short, it is friendly, useful, and consistent.


6. Intercom

The Intercom is a messaging platform that is made for websites, and their newsletter has virtually no mention of their product.

The cool thing is that they usually have members from their team that comments on the topic.

You will get the sense like they really enjoy writing them – we enjoy reading them!

Why we like this:
It is funny, it’s unique and provides a good distraction from our work.


7. Product Hunt

The Product Hunt is a curation platform that showcases the best new products that are released every day around the globe.

Their newsletter contains the top five to top the ten best products of the previous day (mostly it is based on how many votes they have gathered do far).

Why we like this:
There are just two main reasons why we like this Product Hunt’s newsletter.

The first one is very obvious: because we like discovering new projects and tools this can be of help to us so we can do better jobs as marketers.

And the second one is that we like boosting our product launches via the Product Hunt and often it end up in the newsletter, among the best products of the day


8. The Daily Carnage

The Carney+Co. is a full service agency that is specialized in the design and development for the browser, the desktop, and the mobile platforms.

The agency is giving empowerment to those marketing pros that has great knowledge, the best practices, and the latest industry trends through its “Daily Carnage”, a hand picked list of the best marketing content that is always delivered to your inbox on a daily base.

Why we like this:
Exactly for this reason: “There is a gap to focuse on the online marketing in a fun and a relevant manner. I LOVE the Daily Carnage.”

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