The 3 E-Commerce Mistakes Brands Must Avoid

The 3 E-Commerce Mistakes Brands Must Avoid

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The E-commerce is steadily becoming one amongst the most profitable digital ventures that can be undertaken by an entrepreneur. Because of this reason, the market is now very overcrowded with some half baked and some underdeveloped e-commerce concepts that have sink their brand before it can even start to flourish.


1. Inadequate Lead Capturing

To have potential customers visiting your website is no longer enough; each person or customer that visits your website should be leaving you with contactable information so that they will remain a viable lead.

Potential customers have sought you out for a specific reason and you will not let them go cos you need to retain their details so that you do not lose the chance of potential sales.”

There are still various different features that you can use to equip your website with so that you can be enabled to capture your profitable leads. You can make use of a lightbox overlay on the homepage to encourage your potential customer to let down their details and also subscribe to your newsletter.


2. Unresolved Technical Issues

As an e-commerce brand, the website that you own is a digital version of a “brick and a mortar” shop. You would not want to lock the doors of your shop, so that your customers would not be able to enter or to leave a customer waiting outside for twenty minutes outside the shop floor while you are trying to locate their requested product. Leaving some technical issues unattended to that make your website impossible to navigate or to create extremely long load of times is equivalent to damaging to your brand.

It is observed that the most common mistake that is seen in e-commerce brands commit is not the optimizing of website for mobile devices. Transactions on the phones and mobile devices are a huge popular way of shopping this days, and brands should not miss out on the trend because of their technical issues.

There is no reasonable excuse to allow a technical issue remain on your website once you have discovered it. You should always carry out daily checks to make sure that your website is not concealing any hidden bugs.


3. Inconsistent Design

In e-commerce, know this, that your website is your brand, and you will want your brand and its aim to be very clear and also consistent. The reason why customers come to your website because is because they trust your brand and its image, so it is very crucial for you to keep this image consistent. If your homepage embraces a minimal design, you do not need to use a chaotic layout on the pages that are displaying your product.

The platform where your potential customers are making use of in purchasing your product is not the place to do a dazzle just to impress them. You need to keep it simple, and keep your design consistent.

Inconsistent design is one amongst the biggest mistakes of UX, and it can also possibly affect the technical functioning of your website. The animation effects that you use can have different page speeds on different devices and it can even prevent a page from proper loading.

Due to the events that occurred in 2020, e-commerce has become a very essential service in this modern lives. For this purpose, brands need to be aware of these mistakes that can possibly ruin their e-commerce business before it even have a chance to grow.

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