How To Improve Your Email Response Rate

5 Ways to Increase the Response Rate to Your Emails | SmallBizClub

The followings below are some ways to improve your Email response rate:

1. Qualify Your Leads
Looking for key point to increase your email response rate? it is not just about sending your emails to people who won’t be concerned about what you offer. The best way for you to understand if you should spend your time on prospects is for you to qualify them.

Gather prospect contact information that are potential, including the site visits, email subscriptions, and also social media, to decide if prospects meet your ideal customer profile. After that, you should be able to understand the leads’ needs, their purchasing authority, and any other budget constraints. Now you need to get in touch with only those leads who have a mutual fit with what you offer.

2. Use Personalization
Personalization is very power. Personalized emails shows 6 times a higher performance rates. Therefore, if you will have to improve your response rate, you need to do the research to find out what information you need to include in your email subject line or the body to resonate with your subscribers.

For instance, before you start sending a cold email to your prospect, you may check out their LinkedIn profile to learn more about what they are interested in or their activities. Say, if you discover that your potential customer runs a blog, you may want to use this information as a tool in the very introduction of your own email:

3. Find the Right Time
Stated as a rule, marketers consider sending email to prospects 2-3 times a month, which is a frequency that is perfect not to overload your users’ inbox and deliver much value. As for the timing, opinions differ. Some specialists claim that when graded, the highest response rate is mostly on the weekends.

4. Deliver Value
Nearly 3/4 of the customers online are disappointed about so many websites when they receive messages (promotions, ads, promo, etc.) that are not relevant to them. So, if you are going to get more responses, you need to ensure your email content delivers real value to your customers.

If you want to send your sales offers, do not sell it in the first email. This will just kill your strategy at the spot. Remember that the core matter is to demonstrate to your client that you understand what they need rather than for you showing off all merits of your product or service.

5. Check the Sender
If you want your subscribers to reply to your message, do ensure that there is a person on the other side to whom they will be addressing their reply. Do not change the sender’s name too often. Besides, you need to check whether you are not sending from a ‘no-reply’ address. Be very plain, send an email from a real person, not a company’s account or your team’s account.

6. Create Catchy Subject Lines
Subject lines are the “golden gates” to your email. If you really want to grab the reader’s attention and make them open their inbox, there are various approaches to catchy subject lines:

1. You can create a feeling of urgency.

2. You can also arouse your reader’s curiosity.

3. You can make use of a subject that would communicate social proof by simply highlighting that others are already making use of your product or service.

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