4 Reasons Why You Need Email Marketing For Your Internet Marketing

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You Need Email Marketing For Your Internet Marketing

“If you want to venture into a real business, email is still in this recent time the most effective way in which you can universally reach out to people who have expressed their interest in your product or your site.
Still thinking about making Email Marketing something for your company? Here we have 4 reasons why you should not ignore this channel called Email Marketing.

1. It is More Effective Than the Social Media (for Customer Acquisition)

Don’t get it wrong, social media is a very important component you can use in any business’ marketing strategy. Social Media is a great channel that enables you to interact with your audience and it also strengthens your personal relationship with them. And because of this reason, it becomes an important first step towards reaching your goal – the conversion.

But when we talk about converting people into members, customers or supporters, the email marketing is the best way to go.

80% and 81% of respondents, respectively, confirmed that email marketing drives customer retention and acquisition. The usefulness of Email was copied by other digital tactics like the verification of organic search at 62% for that of acquisition and social media is at 44% for retention, both were rated effective by just far fewer respondents than chose email.

2. Economic and Cost Effective

It is very easy, inexpensive, and effective. Email marketing allows owners of business to reach a larger number of consumers at a rate that is very cheap or nearly nothing per message.

For owners of business that are little on a budget, this is a better choice than the normal traditional marketing channels like the radio, TV, or direct mail. A joint study and research from the Forrester Research and Shop.org found out that 85% of US retailers give consideration to the email marketing as one of the most effective customer acquisition tactics that has ever been.

Even with how the new technology and social networks has innovated new features, marketers keep coming back to email.

3. Personal and Customisable

In email marketing, the real thing you are doing is segmenting your audience into lists, and sending each list an organized email message that has involvement with your reader and can provide them with something that they will value (targeted and segmented emails generate 58% of all revenue according to DMA, and the marketers that make use of segmented campaigns, have noted a total of 760% increase in revenue, according to Campaign Monitor).

Email marketing is very important for building a strong relationship with leads, prospects, your current customers, and even past customers because it gives you the opportunity to speak directly to your customers, in their inbox, at a pretty convenient time for them.

4. Action Oriented

Whether you agree to this or not, almost everybody is trained to do something with the email, either to reply, forward, sign-up, click-through, or even straight buying.
Think about this!

Email is by nature transactional and you can possibly use it to direct traffic to your website and ultimately drive some sales.

As you build your small business or startup your marketing strategy as a whole, making use of the email will allow you to see straight away results.

This means that you are not just sending out newsletters, but also using the email automation based on triggers of your customers.

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