Lite 1.4 Email Extractor | Lite 14

Lite 1.4 Email Extractor | Lite 14

Lite 1.4 Email Extractor or Lite14 is a web tool for sorting and separating email addresses for email marketing use. It is important that you use this tool to avoid sending messages to invalid emails.

Also known as Extractor Lite 1.4 or Extractor 1.4. The tool is designed with JavaScript technology to identify valid email address by detecting the @ character followed by dot. and the domain extension such as .com, .net, .org etc.

Easy Ways to Collect Email Addresses Online

Collecting email list can be tedious and tiring if you are doing it the wrong way. There are sure ways and methods to collect email list from your website visitors. 

Before we list out the sure ways to collect email address, Let’s first look at the meaning of mailing list or definition of an email list.


What is An Email List

An Email List or A Mailing List is a collection of individuals who have expressed an interest in getting information from your business via email. These individuals subscribe to get emails from your business. They opt-in to your emails in order to receive information, promotions, sales, and special offers from your business.

This enables you to remain connected to your audience. You can send daily, weekly, or monthly emails to your audience. It’s an excellent approach to stay in touch with your audience and spread the word about your brand.

You may give relevant information to your leads via email marketing. You can send them critical information that will assist them in the conversion process. It’s an excellent method of nurturing leads and encouraging them to make a purchase.


Why you need to build an email list

Now that you understand what an email list is, it’s critical to understand why it’s critical to establish one for your business. Building an email list for your organization has a plethora of advantages.

1. To have complete control over your campaign

You have complete control over your campaign using email marketing. This is an excellent feature, as it enables you to conduct a more effective campaign.

Platforms, such as social media, are always changing and evolving. You have no say in how Facebook or Twitter modify their platforms. They are continually updating their platforms and the ways in which you can sell to leads, and as a result, your content must adapt to these changes.

Social media sites are continually updating their algorithms to deliver the best experience possible for your audience. They can update these algorithms at any time, which means you must constantly monitor for changes and adapt your strategy accordingly. While social media is an excellent tool for contacting leads, you have no influence over the algorithms or how they adjust to improve user experience.

You have complete control over your email list when you employ email marketing. You can edit or delete individuals from your list. Additionally, email marketing enables you to segment your list, allowing you to send customized emails to distinct subscribers.

Your business determines how your content is delivered. You have complete control over the appearance and feel of your material, as well as how it is delivered to your audience. It guarantees that your business communicates effectively with both you and your audience.

You want to maintain as much control as possible when it comes to digital marketing. It enables you to create a more effective campaign that is more appealing to your target demographic. By utilizing email lists, you obtain greater control over your marketing strategy.

2. To gain valuable leads

The objective of marketing efforts is to generate leads that are most likely to convert. Email marketing enables you to establish relationships with prospects and nurture them toward conversion. These are individuals who subscribe to your email lists voluntarily because they wish to hear from your business.

An email list is critical since it provides a list of people who have expressed an interest in hearing from your business. They either want to learn more about your business or see information about upcoming discounts, promotions, or bargains. It’s an effective method of establishing a direct connection with prospective leads.

Email lists are lists of prospective purchasers who require the correct information in order to convert. These leads are extremely reputable and are more likely to make a purchase. By investing in email marketing, you can increase the quality of your leads.

3. To keep in contact with your leads

Numerous digital marketing techniques require you to consider your ideal target audience and attempt to advertise to them in order to convert them. You may never know who these leads are precisely. With email marketing, you may establish a direct connection with prospective customers.

This simplifies the process of reaching out to potential customers. Rather than guessing who is interested in your business, you have a list of people you know are. You develop a direct relationship with these leads, which enables you to market to them more effectively.

Additionally, it is a manner in which leads are consistently engaged. While people infrequently check their social media profiles, they prioritize email and are continually checking it throughout the day. Indeed, 58 percent of Americans first check their email in the morning.

This provides your firm with additional options to maintain engagement with your audience.

4. To customize your subscribers’ experience

As previously said, email marketing enables you to divide your email list into groups of people who share common interests. By investing in a strong email marketing list, you can more precisely target your leads.

Your leads can be segmented to create numerous email lists. This guarantees that your leads receive only information relevant to their requirements and desires. Additionally, it improves the results of your campaign.

This aids in the conversion of your leads. When consumers receive just information that is relevant to them, they are more likely to convert, as they are now focused on a product or service that they have previously evaluated.

5. To Increase Sales Through Email Marketing and Follow-ups

Building an email list gives the opportunity to re-market your products and services to intending buyers via email marketing and follow-ups. You definitely need continuous email marketing and follow-ups to meet your desired ROI – Return on Investment.  


Methods Of Collecting Email Addresses

When you invest in growing your email list, you have the ability to better target your prospects and increase conversions.

Make use of popups to promote special offers

The strongest email collection method that is has been experimented with is utilizing the lightbox popups. Since email opt-in forms are usually nested in a site’s sidebar or footer, lightbox popups has made it very easy for users to subscribe to your emails if they choose. We’ve also studied a lot through channel segmentation and experimenting with different lightbox popups depending on how the user got to our site.


Offer Free Tutorial Videos

The method of collecting email addresses to use for marketing purposes by offering free video lessons via email for users is also a good means. You just need to develop a huge corpus of free content online, which will draw users through referrals from other websites and a solid organic search presence. Visitors who find these free articles helpful can sign up to receive more information and classes via email as the site is updated and more content is added. Users will want to stay up to date on the next latest free content that will be available on the site, and then you get to collect valuable email addresses to help market your paid products.


Offer Free E-Books (PDF and PowerPoint)

You can offer free e-book downloads in various formats. The most common e-book formats are in PDF and PowerPoint. Have a section on your website for free e-books and learning materials and ask your visitors to submit their emails to get the download link sent via email.

This way you can keep track of their email addresses in your list and send them offers, follow ups and newsletters on products and services. Make sure the e-books are of great value for them to keep coming back. 

Use Facebook Ads

Without any question at all, it is observed that the most affordable and cost-effective way that you can grow a list of leads for email marketing is through Facebook ads. You can easily make figures in sales in less time by using direct targeted Facebook ads to capture leads (email and name). The user base for Facebook is at an all-time high, and also the age range of its users is ideal for most businesses these days.

The user base ages ranging from 30-55+ has seen massive growth while the age group ranging from 13-25 has dropped off significantly.
Whether you have a medium sized business, a solopreneur or you have a large corporation, Facebook is an amazingly powerful way that can help you capture new leads. With even a modest budget you capture many of the new leads every day. And the best part of it is that these are leads that are pre-disposed to buy what you are selling.

You can set your target on them very specifically based on their age, behaviors, geographic location, and even with their online purchase history.
So many companies grossed well into figures in sales, just from Facebook leads alone. On an average, you can capture anywhere from 50-150 leads per day by just using targeted Facebook ads. The good times will only last for so long before the user base will move on to something new.

Promoting Your Newsletter Signup Throughout Your Website 

You can collect email addresses through newsletter signups which can be included throughout your website. The location you can get the most signups from is a popup on your blog but visitors can also sign up if they select a box on any form. The process of putting it in the front of visitors is the best way you can do it, so any opportunity that you have, just add an option to sign up in front of visitors.

One of the favorite tool that is used is the Mailchimp because it ties in well with WordPress websites and the management of subscribers and campaigns is very easy. It makes it easier to create beautiful newsletters and to send out your newest blog posts automatically. You can also make use of contests to gather subscribers but note that if this method is used, make sure entrants are able to opt in/out of your newsletter or else you can get many unqualified subscribers who are not really interested in what you have to say. 

Make Sure That There’s Something in it for them (and never, ever, spam)

You just think about those emails you open and those ones you delete immediately. I’m having a wide guess you don’t open any email that you don’t believe will have benefit you or your business in some way. If so be it, when you ask for a customer’s email, make sure you are offering them something that is valuable in exchange.

Whether it’s an early access to a new product or sale or a coupon, an ebook or other piece of content that are thoughtful, or the opportunity to win a prize, when you ask for someone’s email, make sure that there’s something valuable in it for them.