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Extractor 1.4 or 1.4 Email Extractor is a variation of the Lite 1.4 Email Extractor, suitable for both mobile and desktop users to extract, sort and arrange email addresses for small businesses and large corporations. This tool is powerful and uses JS technology alongside HTML5 and CSS to separate good email addresses from the bad ones.

How To Find The CEO & CFO Email Addresses Online

CEO and CFO Email Address - Email Extractor Tips

CEOs, CFO, VPs, Directors, and other top executives are rarely on social media. Their personal social media managers manage their accounts and keep them informed. LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform because it is so professional.

Incredibly, many people connect with CEOs and CFOs on LinkedIn and ask for a job or investment for their startup. But isn’t it tedious to connect and then message CEOs or CFOs who can help?

In this case, you should switch to using lead generation tools. Lead generation tools have AI-powered features like email finder, email verifier, and analytics. These tools will help you find CEO, CFO, management, and top executive emails in seconds.

These are company email finder tools that can collect emails from employees based on various criteria. Some of these tools integrate with CRMs like Salesforce, Zoho, and even social media.

You can import your email list in CSV or Excel format. Check the emails are for duplicates using MX records and SMTP server validation. These tools also support real-time API integration with email service providers. So, you can be sure that the CEO, CFO and management emails you find using company email finder tools are genuine.

What to consider when choosing a bulk email verification service

So the company email finder should be able to send bulk emails while detecting fake email addresses. A second requirement is that the company email finder accepts all emails, regardless of whether the account’s mailbox exists or not. Some tools can even detect spam traps! Third, it should be able to validate emails from Aweber, Mailchimp, etc. This helps you quickly find CEO and management emails.

The most popular email addresses

This method works well when targeting CEOs of startups or small businesses with less than 50 employees. There’s a good chance the CEO is monitoring and managing the email. So, if you want to find CEO and management emails, try the following trick:

Even if the email id is handled by someone else, the person will surely direct the mail to the CEO saying, “I got this mail and I think it’s for you…” Imagine if the employee forwarded the email to the CEO and he read it! Using [email protected] and [email protected] also works well.

Google it to find out more

The quickest way to find CEO, CFO and management emails. No need for a company email finder. There’s a good chance the CEO you’re contacting has posted his/her email address on social media.

So, using related keywords, you can keep searching for the email address on social media profiles, Google, or their website. This should take about 10 minutes. But with AeroLeads, you can find email addresses in seconds. Here are the steps:

AeroLeads Email Search

With Aeroleads, you can search for CEO, CFO and management emails from any website, including LinkedIn. It has an email verifier that can detect and delete fake emails. It has a database of millions, giving it an edge over other tools on the market. In addition, it can provide real-time data like CTRs and reach. That makes it a great lead generation tool.

1: Finding an email using AeroLeads

Sign up for an AeroLeads account (you can also download their Chrome plug-in). AeroLeads is a leading company email finder tool that integrates with CRM tools like Salesforce, ZOHO CRM, etc. Then you can verify the emails and delete the fake ids.

2: Look for relevant information

Just go to the AeroLeads dashboard and search for it! For example, to find CEO or management email addresses, simply type the words in the search box.

The same method works for email addresses.

  • [first name]@company.com
  • [first name][last name]@company.com
  • [first initial][last name]@company.com

3: Go for email verification

After collecting CEO and management email addresses in a CSV or Excel file, you can start verifying them. Thus, the company email finder will detect and eliminate fake emails.

In summary, this was about finding CEO emails. Using the tools makes normal Google research much easier. This allows you to connect with multiple influential people at once. Your email address finder tool must be affordable and offer 24/7 customer support. Finding email addresses is not difficult if you use the right tool and approach.