Top 4 Global Delivery Companies And Their Pros & Cons

Top 4 Global Delivery Companies And Their Pros & Cons

With the rapid increase of online shopping and services, delivery companies providing courier services have grown rapidly. On a global courier service, companies provide the services that enable us to stay at home and receive our product.

They are the ones who ensure that we, as customers get our orders in time. And the payment system is a very important aspect of delivery services, as not all eCommerce sites have Amazon payment system.

It has become a norm that the success of any online business depends greatly on the delivery company they partnered with. Timely delivery and shipping are a big part of online business, so it is very important that you pick the right company.

With the rise of eCommerce companies all over the world, there are a lot of delivery service providers is also increasing. So to know which delivery service provider to choose from, it is important to know the pros and cons of all of them. 

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Global Delivery Companies

Here we have curated four top delivery companies and listed their pros and cons. This will surely help you to choose the one best suited for your needs. 

1. FedEx Courier Company

One of the biggest courier and delivery companies in the world is FedEx. It is a USA based delivery service with its headquarters in Tennessee. Not only does it offer timely delivery and air-drops in the USA, but in over 220 countries in total. 

One of the key features of FedEx is that they offer Shipping Overnight, Same-Day delivery. And also 3-Day and 2-Day delivery. 

Pros of FedEx: 

  • Price Negotiable
  • Good tracking services
  • Great standard of customer service.

Cons of FedEx: 

  • The package pickup service is not free
  • Few of the services are high priced
  • Free package has limited availability

2. UPS Courier Service Company

One of the oldest courier service companies in the world, UPS offers a lot of comprehensive courier and delivery services to most online businesses. Also, a US-based company located in Georgia was founded in 1907, making it the oldest in US history. 

One of the key features of UPS courier services is that they have a scheduled pick-up time in your desired location. And also with amazing shipping rates. 

Pros of UPS: 

  • Great range of options for shipping with time sensitivity
  • Range of drop-off and pick-up options
  • Great management of types of shipment options

Cons of UPS:

  • Free pick-up services are not available
  • For some services, no Saturday delivery is available

3. Blue Dart Ecommerce Courier Partner

One of the oldest courier services in India, Blue Dart, was founded in the year 1983, located in Mumbai, India. They operate in more than 220 countries globally. One of the features that Blue Dart has is something called a Smart Box. 

This feature offers certain eCommerce businesses special boxes for their product shipping. The products can weigh anywhere from 10kgs to 25kgs. 

One of the key features of Blue Dart is that it special delivers temperature-controlled deliveries. It can be anywhere from 20C to 2C. And they also provide urgent deliveries to international locations, such as documents or business files. 

Pros of Blue Dart:

  • The best-updated technology called ‘Smart truck technology’ is used. 
  • The company has a global presence, with a great brand image and equity. 

Cons of Blue Dart:

  • The delivery people lack training and professionalism
  • It is less global visibility compared to other delivery companies

4. DTDC Courier Partner

DTDC, or Desk to Des Courier and Cargo, is another popular Indian courier service located in Bangalore. It is a highly popular and famous courier service for its end-to-end logistical services for companies worldwide. 

DTDC offers its services to over 250 countries worldwide. Including cross-border delivery, it has warehouse services along with inventory management and many more. They even provide last mile delivery service. 

Pros of DTDC: 

  • DTDC has a great order tracking system. 
  • DTDC has the best-streamlined supply chain with the most updated technology.
  • Has the most updated technology with mobile and web-based tracking updates and fleet management.

Cons of DTDC: 

  • Poor infrastructure of certain countries hampers their delivery services.
  • The freight cost is inconsistent, which makes the institutional costs inconsistent as well.
  • Though DTDC tries to be transparent, it is not quite there yet. 

Certain restaurants like Culvers also have their own Culver’s delivery.


For an online business to thrive, you would need two things to work in total harmony. They are eCommerce businesses working on the creative, networking, and selling half of the business. And on the other hand, the courier service and delivery companies in shipping, customer service and order management, and order tracking. 

If you have an online business, then choosing the correct courier company is very important for your business. The success of your business depends a lot on how your customers receive their packages. 

We hope this article helped in choosing the right courier service company for your company. Before deciding on any company, you should definitely consider the pros and cons of each company. 


Global Delivery Companies