MBA Dissertation Samples:

MBA Dissertation Samples:

When choosing a topic for your MBA dissertation, it is vital to balance the two major areas. For instance, you might choose Business management as your topic, while Microfinance would be a good option for your dissertation. Another option might be International business, a topic you might be interested in. If you want to explore Microfinance, look for samples related to this field. A recent dissertation example on this subject may help you decide what to write about.

Business management:

If you’re in the MBA program, you’ve likely heard that business management dissertations are not the easiest to write. This is not entirely true. In fact, business management dissertations are usually far more complex than they appear to be. The first challenge is selecting a topic. MBA dissertation topics should be balanced, and a good example would be one that explores the relationship between culture and technology. Luckily, there are many MBA dissertation topics that fit this description.


If you’re in the MBA program, you may be unsure what to write about for your dissertation. The field of business is incredibly broad and the best MBA dissertation topics can be quite complicated. Some of the most popular topics are in the professional arena, and they cover everything from how to manage remote workers to how to invest in artificial intelligence. There are even some topics about the social and political aspects of countries. This is why it’s essential to find good dissertation samples of a business management dissertation to inspire your own paper.


This study looks at the determinants of microfinance in Namibie. There is a lack of awareness of the week-like problems in the sector, but there are moon-like opposing and bearings in other countries. In the ideal situation, microfinancing would be a thriving industry with no problems. In the absence of such problems, the concept is questionable and needs to be reconsidered.


The study used a hybrid method of sampling. The sample consisted of 15 customers of microfinance institutions who completed semistructured interviews. Additional data were collected from established secondary sources. Data analysis followed Yin’s five-step process and member checking and triangulation were used to validate the data. The findings highlighted a range of skill gaps. Lack of entrepreneurship training and inadequate financial management skills were identified as significant skills gaps. Small business owners also revealed a lack of information regarding bank loan procedures.

International business:

The subject of International business is among the easiest to write about. There is an endless supply of sources and resources to research. Once you have an idea of what your topic will be about, it is much easier to find a sample. If you need help with a specific topic, you can look up previous MBA dissertations to see what other students have written about this subject. You may want to consider writing a dissertation on how globalization affects a company’s growth.

Performance in international operations:

There are several options for MBA dissertation topics. Depending on your chosen area of specialization, you may choose to tackle one or more of these subjects. Your dissertation topic should be logical, practical, and relevant to the field you are studying. You can also use the samples of operations management dissertations to get ideas. Moreover, an effective dissertation is crucial to achieving high grades. The introduction chapter should include the background of your research project, the key objectives of your dissertation, and the problem you want to address in the paper. A dissertation outline can also be added to the introduction chapter if you have one.

Strategic planning in international operations:

The strategic planning process is continuous, and the process of redefining an organization’s direction must be constantly reviewed. It can be compared to driving down a familiar road without a map. While you may recognize the scenery and signs, you might not take the time to look up the direction you need to take to reach your destination. Instead, you might decide to hang on to your capital or try to find another route.


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