Boost social media marketing success with video ads

Boost social media marketing success with video ads

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It is easy to forget that the dynamic online social universe we know today originated in 2004 as a simple profile-centric, text-based network for college students. Eighteen years later, Facebook and the many new platforms that followed have matured into diverse entities with billions of active monthly users, enabling a plethora of methods for businesses to reach them.

The introduction of each new social network can create a different impact on the others that came before it. So, it is not unexpected that the recent stratospheric rise of Tiktok has helped promote short-form videos across all platforms. Smart marketers are taking notice and redesigning their social strategy to add or enhance use of video ads with tremendous success.

  • Undeniable customer appetite for video content
  • Video advertising that succeeds on social
  • Customize social video advertisements for best results
  • Accessibility and affordability prevail
  • Improve your social media metrics

Undeniable customer appetite for video content

With consumers preferring videos and connecting with them more regularly, brands and businesses of all sizes are integrating organic and sponsored videos into their social mix. While videos offer a wonderful approach to stand out in a mass of static image posts and an excellent opportunity to build an emotional connection, there are essential elements to consider while producing them.

Video advertising that succeeds on social

Social media algorithms often favour “native” videos, meaning videos that are submitted to or developed directly on a given platform, as opposed to links to videos housed elsewhere. Why? Because they provide for a smooth, intuitive user experience that retains users precisely where they are.

Along these same lines, businesses should attempt to produce video ads that capture attention while fitting in perfectly with the rest of the host platform’s content. Video ads should feel “at home” amid the rest of the content or risk being scrolling by without seeing, like, commenting, sharing or clicking. The balancing act here is to develop eye-catching, educational and entertaining commercials that connect with your business, but also integrate effectively into selected channels. In other words, one size does not fit all.

Customize social video advertisements for best results

Before you set off to match your video advertising to platform formats, carefully assess which social media possibilities best fit your goals. Each social network has the capacity to target a different variety of audiences and each has unique traits that endear it to its users. Be sure to embrace those attributes. For example:

  • Facebook serves a wide range of global users across all ages, including a substantial population of Millennials. Inspirational and engaging video ads often work well here and can be run in the target’s newsfeed, tales or in-stream. Adding captions to Facebook videos is crucial because many like to peruse this site with the sound off.
  • Instagram likewise gives a vast user base with several targeting choices. A specific advantage is that Instagram’s advanced e-commerce services work well among its users. Businesses may choose to add a “shopping bag” icon to their videos to lead consumers straight to their Instagram Shop. Video-based “Reels” is a popular site where businesses can be marketed and discovered.
  • YouTube is all about video and its vast user base represents everyone from Gen-Z to Baby Boomers. Many organic YouTube videos are about addressing issues, therefore video advertising with “How to” themes should sell well. Some video ad alternatives include skippable and non-skippable in-stream commercials, discovery ads and bumper ads.

Selecting the correct social network may seem basic, but targeting opportunities within each one may be rather difficult. However, if you understand what consumers expect from and like most about a certain site, you will be well on your way to developing video ads that intrigue and interest those that scroll through them.

Accessibility and affordability prevail

Today, businesses of all sizes are finding their way into the game as the cost of video ad production grows more inexpensive, but it relies on preferences and aims. Since video advertising that run on social media do not have to appear well produced, even the tiniest companies may afford to develop simple ads using free video creation tools offered inside numerous platforms.

Brands can opt to make authentic videos that feature live action (taken on phones), animation or screen recordings. There are several third-party apps that can make things easier and video specialists for hire can assist save crucial time.

Improve your social media metrics

Social media video marketing has plenty to offer to brands and enterprises seeking to connect and engage with target audiences. Attention-grabbing videos that fit the platform can help develop brand recognition, generate leads and convert prospects. It’s a wonderful moment to consider introducing video advertisements into your social marketing plan, or adding more to the mix, to increase performance across a number of KPIs.

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